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The books and the recipes

Adding my own recipes

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Customising my book

Purchase and delivery

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The books and the recipes

How long will it take to make my cookbook?

It can take as little as ten minutes or you can choose to spend much longer adding your own recipes or browsing through ours. It takes one week to print and deliver your book.

Where do your recipes come from?

All our recipes have been created by professional chefs and home economists and triple tested to guarantee they work perfectly every time.
We have a huge range and they have all been published in bestselling cookbooks by Quintet Publishing over a number of years.
You can find out more about our background and our experience making cookery books on the Our Story page.

What will my book look like?

Your book will be a beautiful hardback - 8" (203mm) square with a matt laminated cover to make it look smooth and professional.
Inside, there will be 36 recipes, all accompanied by gorgeous full-colour photos of our mouth-watering dishes (or your photos if you have decided to add in some recipes of your own).
It's all printed on fine quality paper.

How much does it cost?

A paper back book costs £15 and a hard back book costs £19.95. Shipping is £2.95 for UK and select addresses in Europe, and £5 for the rest of the world. Gift wrap is also available for £3.95.

How many recipes can I add?

All of our books are printed with a certain number of pages. This means that there is space for 36 recipes in each book.
You can include as many or as few as you like of your own recipes and photos. If the number of recipes that you have is less than 36 then you can top up your book with some of our recipes, or add some blank pages so that you can write notes or fill in recipes by hand later on.

Adding my own recipes

Can I add my own recipes?

Absolutely - everyone has a different number of recipes of their own and you can add as many as you like in the book.
Select the 'Add your own' option when you get to the add recipes stage of our book creator:

The book will have a total of 36 recipes in it so once you've finished adding your own, you can top up the rest of the book with some of our recipes. If you do that, you'll be able to choose from a selection of delicious collections that we've curated for you.

Alternatively, some people like to add some notes pages at the back - you can do this by clicking to 'Add your own recipe' and then leaving the page completely blank.

Do you have any advice on writing recipes?

Writing a recipe might seem quite straightforward, but there are quite a few things you need to remember.
We have some tips and tricks that might be useful when you are writing your recipes over on our Ideas blog.

You'll also be able to see lots of example recipes there to inspire you.

I chose to use one of your collections. Can I still add my own recipes?

Yes you can. All books are printed with 36 recipes inside and it is up to you how many of these are ours, and how many you add of your own.

If you have chosen a collection to fill your book, you can now replace any recipe you like with one of your own.

  1. From the preview your cookbook step select the recipe you want to replace.

  2. Click on that recipe. You will then see details of it appear on the screen.
  3. Click on the ‘Replace with your own’ button to the right of the recipe preview.

You will then be able to type in your recipe and add your own image too. When you have finished, click 'Save'.

Are my images and recipes safe?

Yes - we won't share your content with anyone else. Your recipes and images will be stored securely on our system purely for the purpose of printing your book.

What size recipe image should I upload?

The general rule is that the bigger the image is, the better it will look in your finished book. If it's small, it will look blurry when it's printed. If you want to use an image from one of your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you need to be careful about this. The images are often saved there at a much lower size than the original image. Use the original photo if you can.

If you have some design experience then it will help you to know that ideally your image should be 300dpi and at least 8" (203mm) square. In pixels this is about 2400px. All images are automatically cropped so that they fit our square book format. For maximum control over how your photos look, we recommend that you crop it to a square size before uploading it.

We have more advice on food photography over on our Ideas Blog

Using the website

What internet browser should I use?

The website works well in all modern browsers so for best results, please ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of your browser. It's also important to keep your browser up to date for speed and security purposes.

To check which browser you are using, and whether it is the latest version, please go to - this website will give you lots of information.

If you need to get a new, updated browser, we recommend Google Chrome, which can be downloaded here.

Customising my book

Can I call my cookbook whatever I want?

Yes - you can call your book whatever you like. Feel free to be creative. Just make sure you check it carefully to avoid any typos.

The title will also be printed on the spine of your book but please bear in mind that if your title is too long, then we will replace it with "This is Your Cookbook' instead (so we don't end up with letters falling off the end).

If you want to make sure that your title is on the spine, please keep it to under 33 characters (including spaces).
'Sarah Jessica Parker's Cookbook', for example, would be just fine. 'Anthony Worrall-Thompson's Cookbook' on the other hand is just a couple of characters too long to fit on the spine, so we'd put 'This is Your Cookbook' there instead.

I was just testing - can I start again?

Yes you can. Click on the This is Your Cookbook logo in the top left corner and you will return to the home page where you can opt to clear your book and start from scratch.

Can I put my own photo on the cover?

You're not able to add your own photo to the cover but you can choose from a range of cover images that have been carefully designed. They are created using high quality photographs which have been chosen to look great with your title on top and will print beautifully.

You can, however, upload your own image for the dedication page if you like.

Can I change the font and the colour of the text?

The fonts and colours are fixed so you are not able to change them. We've chosen fonts and colours that compliment the images and the style of the cookbook. If you want to personalise your book as much as possible, we recommend adding your own recipes, your own dedication image and some great photos. However - we're always considering new ideas so if there's something that you really think we should add in, please let us know!

Can I move the title on my front cover?

You can add spaces between lines on your cover but the overall text position has been fixed to help ensure that your book looks as good as possible when printed. You can play with different length titles to help get the effect you want but you can't move the text to a completely different part of the cover.

Purchase and delivery

Can I return my book/get a refund?

If your book is damaged when it arrives then please let us know and we will ensure that it is refunded or replaced. As each book is unique to the customer who created it, we are not able to refund or exchange books if you change your mind and don't want it anymore. You can see full information about this on our Delivery page.

Is it possible to buy this book as a gift voucher?

Yes! Please head to our 'Buy a gift voucher' page.

You can purchase as many gift vouchers as you like, for different people. They are in the form of an email which you can either send to the person directly, or send to yourself so you can print out and hand deliver. The recipient will then have a unique code, valid for the purchase of one book, which they can add at the checkout stage.

You can write a personal message on the voucher and schedule when you want it to be delivered.

Gift vouchers are valid for a year after the date of purchase.

Where is my order?

You should have received an estimated delivery date. If it is past that date, please get in touch with us to check the status of your order.

Where do you deliver to and how much is postage?

We can deliver anywhere in the United Kingdom and to select addresses in Europe and the rest of the world. Shipping is £2.95 for UK and select addresses in Europe and £5 for the rest of the world.

How quickly will my book arrive?

It takes up to five working days for your book to be printed. UK deliveries will be sent first class by Royal Mail. European and rest of world deliveries will be sent via standard delivery and will take between 5-12 working days.

You'll be given an estimated delivery date when you place your order and we will let you know when the book has been shipped.

Editing and ordering more copies of your cookbook

I’ve already created and purchased a cookbook. Can I order another? Can I change the title or the recipes?

Yes and yes. Simply click on the ‘My Account’ link on the homepage, and enter the email address you provided when you ordered your first book. Within a couple of minutes we will email you a special link to any books that you have created using that email address. (Check your junk folder if you can’t find the e-mail.)

Select any book listed and choose ‘Make a Copy’ to make any changes and order as many more books as you like.

I entered my email on the My Account page but I have not received an email.

If you've visited the My Account page and entered your email address then an email should arrive within ten minutes (usually much quicker) so please check your junk mail, and ensure that you typed your email in correctly. If you still can’t find the email then please get in touch!

I can’t see the book I created on the My Account page

If you've entered your email into the box on the My Account page, and clicked on the special link that you received but don't see your book, then there are a couple of reasons why this might be happening.

You may have saved the book, but using a different email address from your other books. Please ensure you have visited My Account page and entered all of the emails that you used and checked those accounts for the relevant email.

It’s also possible that you created a book and didn’t save it. We use cookies to enable you to continue with a book that you have started on a particular device (without saving it) but if you switch devices then you will no longer be able to see your book. The best thing to do is save any book you think you might want to return to later.

Please get in touch with us if you still can’t find your book.

I’ve used the wrong email address - how do I order another copy of my book?

Please get in touch with us if you saved or ordered a previous book with an incorrect or misspelled email address.
If you provide your details and the name of the book that you saved/ordered, then we should be able to help you find your book again.

Still need help? Contact us.
Or you can view our full FAQ and Knowledge Base here.