Our Story

The idea for This is Your Cookbook came about when we were talking about our favourite cookbooks. We’ve all got a few that we turn to again and again but every cookbook we own has recipes we don’t want in it. Wouldn’t it be amazing, we thought, if there were a cookbook made for you, full of recipes you really want for food you love and even with the chance to add your own recipes?

We’re lucky enough to make cookbooks and we love doing it. We’ve been publishing cookbooks for years – our parent company, Quarto, was founded in 1976 and our focus has always been on good recipes for great food that are delicious and simple to make at home. Our CEO, Marcus Leaver, used to be a chef and it was while we were talking about what makes a perfect cookbook that he had the idea of using our recipes to let everyone put together their own. He asked me, as publisher of the 500 series, to figure out a way to make it happen.

We’re based in Brighton so I turned to a friend and local tech entrepreneur, Anna Lewis. Anna runs a self–publishing business so is really experienced in helping people make their own books. More recently she’d been working on a digital reading platform with marketing expert Julia Kingsford who we got involved as well (and who is the best cook of the lot of us).

We’re a small team and this is a start up, but the recipes we’re using have been well thumbed in kitchens around the world for years and we hope they can help you create a cookbook that is unique and magical and very much your own.

And we’d love to know what you think so please get in touch.


Mark Searle
Publisher and co–founder This is Your Cookbook