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This is a traditional breakfast dish of Indian origin. It originally consisted of rice, onion, lentils, spices, fresh limes, butter and fish.

Bacon sandwich with apple & blue cheese

Is there anything more evocative of lazy weekend mornings than the scent of frying bacon? Here is a bacon sandwich with a twist—the flavours go really well together, and create a satisfying sandwich that will fill you up all morning.

Breakfast sausage burger with bacon & cheese

Very similar to fast food, but much better homemade.

Smoky beans with bacon & basil

Homemade baked beans, served as a delicious accompaniment to eggs or sausages, or as a topping for toast, for a perfect start to the day.

Pea & mint soup

This soup sings out with the flavours of summer, but since it is made with frozen peas, it can be enjoyed year round. It will become a family favourite — and one that you can make when you think you have nothing to eat.

Best-ever spiced pickled eggs

It’s very important to use really good spiced vinegar to infuse the oval gems.

Old-fashioned chicken & barley soup

This soup is possibly the best comfort food in the world, particularly if someone in the home is feeling a bit below par. You need only about half of the chicken, so strip off the rest and use in a salad.

Classic prawn cocktail

To take a prawn cocktail from ho-hum to wow involves just a little more work on the part of the cook. Get the best flavour by starting with whole, head-on prawns and cook them yourself. Mix up classic cocktail sauce in a few seconds, then serve it all chilled.

Warm potato salad

Vegans can enjoy a creamy potato salad using either a purchased dairy-free mayonnaise or by making it from scratch. The mayonnaise for this recipe is also delicious in a baked potato, on a sandwich or with your favourite salad ingredients.

Cucumber tarts with smoked oysters & cream cheese

Gluten-free, low-carb, high protein, and high in nutrients – the ultimate superfood canapé and a great talking point for health conscious friends. Smoked oysters in tins sounds a little odd but trust me, mixed with the cream cheese and lemon juice they are divine.

Steak with horseradish butter

Beef and horseradish are a classic combination; both work well with beetroot, so serve with a beetroot salad or a potato salad. The flavoured butter can be made in advance and kept in the fridge or can be made in bulk and kept in the freezer until needed.

Gammon with pineapple salsa

Gammon is a popular ham in England, and this recipe is gammon (ham steaks are a fine substitute) and pineapple with a twist. You can use fresh or canned pineapple for the salsa, but fresh is best.

Medallions of pork with lemon & parsley

Pork medallions will cook through in the time taken to brown them on the outside, so it’s worth the extra time spent banging them with a rolling pin or mallet — or even the back of a frying pan. Serve with simple mashed potatoes and steamed green beans.

Barbecued t-bone steak

T-bone steaks have both fillet and sirloin together, making them especially tasty and tender.

Pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce

Slowly braising pork in red wine adds depth and personality to this beautifully tender meat.

Cauliflower cheese

Making a cheese sauce to go with vegetables is an easy way to tempt children to eat vegetables. A cauliflower is a lot more tasty with a cheese sauce than on its own, and in the UK 'cauliflower cheese' is a popular comfort food. You can adapt the recipe by adding a little hot sauce to spice up the cheese sauce for adults sharing the meal or by sprinkling some grated Parmesan cheese on the top before grilling.

Chicken pot pie

The perfect way to use up leftover roast chicken, this pot pie is pure comfort food.

Baked breaded scallops

These tasty scallops make a lovely light meal accompanied by a mango salsa, or an avocado salad. They are every bit as good as their deep-fried cousins, but much lower in fat.

Venison sausages in brown ale

If venison sausages are hard to find, use any premium quality fresh sausages. The beer makes a rich and hearty gravy that complements the sausages beautifully.

Fish in foil

This is a fantastic way to cook fish. Wrapping in packets means that, in effect, the food is steamed in its own moisture, retaining all its flavour and goodness. If you are cooking in your oven rather than on an barbeque, you can use greaseproof paper in place of foil, but be sure to wrap the edges tightly together.

Chicken & leeks

This dish requires only a few minutes' preparation, before it fills your home with an incredible aroma. It’s perfect rainy-day food.

Shepherd’s pie with sweet potato mash

This British classic is a wholesome meal, low in fat and high in nutrients.

Hot beef sandwiches

This is a hearty meal sandwich.

Welsh rarebit

This is sometimes mistakenly called Welsh rabbit. The success of this dish lies in cooking it slowly over a low heat until the cheese has melted.

Rabbit braised in white wine

If you have never prepared rabbit at home before, this uncomplicated recipe with impressive results is the perfect place to start. Ask your butcher to cut the rabbit for you.

Old-fashioned ginger cake

Nothing quite beats a slice of rich, dark ginger cake. This one is even better a few days after baking; so if you can, make it a few days in advance, wrap tightly and store in an airtight container until ready to serve.

Summer berry cobbler with vanilla-infused cream

There's no better ending to a summer meal than a bowl of cobbler drizzled with cream.

Sticky toffee pudding

Serve with ice cream, whipped cream or custard.

Pineapple upside-down cake

Everyone loves this retro classic, with its delicious flavour and melting golden texture.

Victoria sandwich

This is an all-time classic British cake named for Queen Victoria. Traditionally, it is split and filled with jam, then simply dusted with icing sugar. This version is made of two layers of sponge cake sandwiched with fresh raspberries, jam and cream.

Carrot cake

There are a great many variations of this classic cake, but this one flavoured with orange, cinnamon and ginger is particularly good. The combination of sweet, crumbly sponge cake and rich, creamy icing is hard to beat.

Sticky toffee pudding cupcake

This is an old classic British pudding that has recently enjoyed a bit of a renaissance.

Apricot & hazelnut loaf cake

Sweet, nutty and rich with the intense flavour of apricot, this simple loaf cake is perfect for any occasion. Bake it when you have guests for coffee, or just enjoy it as an everyday treat.

Pound cake

This is one of the all-time classic simple cakes that has been enjoyed for generations. Originally the cake was made with a pound each of butter, sugar, eggs and flour — hence its name

Mint jelly

Apple and fresh mint jelly is a match made in heaven. It’s delicious served with grilled Greek halloumi cheese and a green leaf salad.

Balsamic & red onion relish

Try adding this relish as a pizza topping. It’s also a great match for veggie or pork sausage and hotdogs.

Rustic loaf

This is a quick mix basic bread loaf, an easy introduction to home bread making.

Cape kedgeree

Kedgeree, dating from British colonial days, is a brunch dish made with flaked, smoked fish, cooked rice, hard-boiled eggs, fresh herbs and a white sauce to bind it all together. Some people like to add a dash of curry powder. When made with hot-smoked fish, this dish is divine. Although smoked haddock is the usual fish for kedgeree, you can also use salmon, trout or whitefish.

Cauliflower & red pepper casserole

Cauliflower and peppers complement each other beautifully in this gorgeous offering.

Potato hash bake

This is delicious at a brunch buffet, and you can make it entirely in advance. Just reheat to serve.

Spinach & mushroom casserole

The combination of spinach and mushrooms always pleases.

All-day breakfast bread

Everything you want for breakfast wrapped up in a warm loaf of bread.

Hash browns

These are very similar to rosti, but they’re the American version of the Swiss classic. They take a little planning, as you start them the night before.

Salmon wraps with cheesy prawn filling

These are pretty as a picture. Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids, the 'healthy' fats that carry a host of beneficial properties. With 99 calories in an 80-gram serving, smoked salmon earns its keep in anyone’s books.

Lamb stew with herb dumplings

These dumplings are traditionally made with suet (I prefer vegetable suet), which can sometimes be found in the ethnic aisle in the supermarket. But they are equally as good made with butter. During the cooking process, dumplings soak up the flavour from the stew and are a delicious way of mopping up the gravy.

Braised pork with fennel

Tender pork and aromatic fennel are a match made in heaven. Serve with a dish of garlic-mashed potatoes.

Brown rice kedgeree

This is a healthier twist on the classic recipe.

Lamb & green bean casserole

This casserole can be made ahead and reheated on the hob. If you prefer your beans crisp-tender, add them in the last 10 minutes of cooking and return to oven uncovered.

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