Biscuits Collection

With all the traditional favourites as well as some new ideas to try, there’ll be no excuse for an empty biscuit tin.

Fudge-centred cookie bites

With a base of chocolate cookie and a filling of gooey fudge, this delectable cookie will have everyone asking for the recipe.

Bittersweet chocolate crunchies

These are everyone’s favourite refrigerator cookie – and especially easy to make with kids.

Millionaire’s shortbread

Millionaire’s shortbread is appropriately named, given that it is rich and extravagant!

Triple chocolate cookies

Rich and full-flavoured, these chunky chocolate cookies with dark and white chocolate chips are irresistible.

Chewy chocolate cookies

Simply irresistible cookies, perfect for any time of day.

Chocolate fingers

Richly flavoured chocolate fingers are a tempting treat for the entire family.

Chocolate & orange sandwich cookies

Chocolate and orange is a great flavour combination – try these cookies and you’ll soon see why.

Marbled chocolate–vanilla cookies

These attractive little cookies will go perfectly with your afternoon coffee.

White chocolate chunk cookies

For all those white chocolate fans – this one’s for you.

Blueberry & white chocolate crunchies

Quick to make, but even quicker to eat, blueberries give these crunchies a tart twist.

White chocolate & orange cookies

Delicate chocolate and aromatic orange make this an elegant accompaniment to a late afternoon cup of tea.

Chocolate & lemon viennese fingers

These elegant fingers are perfect served with mid-morning coffee.

Jam drops

These jam drops are simple to make, and perfect at tea time.

Vanilla whoopie pies

These biscuit-like cakes filled with marshmallow icing are an all-American favourite adored by kids and adults alike. Perfect for lunch boxes and parties alike.

Lavender-dusted lemon shortbread

Lavender sugar is available to purchase, but you can make your own from a small handful of lavender petals sewn into a small cotton pouch. Place this into a jar containing 225 g (8 oz) caster sugar and leave it for 2 weeks, shaking occasionally.

Lemon finger cookies

Serve these elegant, pale lemon fingers with a scented cup of Earl Grey tea.

Pumpkin cookies

These moist spicy cookies are low in fat and very simple to make.

Oat delights

Very simple to make, oat delights are a great idea if the kids want to play chef and bake something on their own.

Buttermilk biscuits

These biscuits are fluffy and light and so versatile.

Mexican wedding cookies

Dusted with icing sugar, these festive cookies are tender, buttery and delicious. Grind the almonds in a food processor or a nut grinder before using.

Pistachio & orange biscotti

These nutty cookies make great gifts. They store well too, so you might want to double up the quantities while you are in baking mode.

Granola cookies

Packed full of fruits and nuts, these cookies make a great morning snack to tide you over until lunch.

Cranberry–orange oatmeal biscuits

These are great biscuits, stuffed full of fruit and flavour. The bicarbonate of soda is activated by the hot liquid, so it is best to work quickly to mix it into the batter and not to delay the cooking.

Chewy almond cherry bars

Super little snack bars that are light, tasty and not too sweet.

Italian fig cookies

The fig and raisin filling of these little cookies is very sweet and luscious.

Wheat & fruit cookies

Fruity, nutty, but most importantly, free of added sugar.

Pecan & raspberry linzer cookies

Simple butter cookies, sandwiched with raspberry jam, but raised above the ordinary with a sweet icing and sprinkling of chopped pecans, and a little window on the sweet filling just showing through.

Peanut butter biscuit & ice cream sandwiches

The biscuits can be made several days ahead and stored in an airtight container. Any ice cream can be used to sandwich the biscuits together, so just pick your family’s favourite.

Salted caramel & hazelnut cookies

Don't be tempted to use an electric whisk to beat in the cream: the caramel will be very hot indeed. If you like salted caramel sauce, double up on the first five ingredients, and save half in a clean jar for up to a week. It's great in milkshakes or over ice cream!

Turtle bars

If you have not tried turtle bars – you need to! This wonderful combination of American flavours is divine – chewy caramel, pecans and chocolate on a shortbread base.


As their name suggests, blondies are golden in colour. Light brown sugar gives the best result. This version, packed full with nuts and chocolate chips, is fantastic.

Layer bars

A gluten-free sweet treat that even kids will love.


A simple, wheat-free cookie that is moist and keeps well.

Passion cake cookie sandwiches

If you like passion, or carrot cake, you will love these little cookie sandwiches. Filled with cream cheese, they taste just like a little bite of heaven.

Coconut & cherry macaroons

These sweet treats are so addictive, it will be hard to stop at one.


These are great fun to make, and easy to modify – try dividing up the dough and making different flavoured pretzels.

Ice cream cookies

For a fun dessert or party treat, pile up a bunch of ice cream cookies on a plate, drizzle with fudge sauce, and then sprinkle with candies.

Layered birthday cookie

Create your own extravagant birthday alternative for a cookie lover.

Jam and coconut squares

This coconut and jam combination makes these treats especially moist and chewy.

Butter sandwich cookies

Delectable butter cookies with a light creamy filling.

Polenta crescents

With a hint of lemon, polenta cookies offer a refreshing change from the often sugary coffee-time snacks.

Viennese pockets

For a luxurious dessert, drizzle with royal icing and accompany with coffee.

Vanilla crescents

Delicate crumbly little cookies that can be served plain, or half-dipped in melted chocolate and used to accompany other desserts.

Ginger crumble cookies

Crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle, these little cookies are packed with spice.

Peanut butter cookies

Rich and creamy, these cookies are a real indulgence for peanut butter fans.

Snicker doodles

Snicker doodles are delicate cookies – but pile your plate high, as one is never enough.

Neiman marcus cookies

The rumour that gave this cookie its rise to fame tells of a customer who inadvertently paid £150 for this cookie recipe, thinking she was being charged £1.50.

Ginger nuts

Crunchy and spicy, these sugar-crusted cookies are a tasty cookie treat.

Twice-baked walnut & raisin finger cookies

Savoury fruit and nut biscotti that are great served with cheese or simply eaten on their own as a late-night snack.

Lemon & black pepper butter biscuits

Spicy, buttery, melt-in-the-mouth biscuits.

Rosemary wafers

Herby little cookies that are great served as an accompaniment to dips or pâte.

Cheese & pecan bites

These savoury cookies are a convenient snack to have on hand, and a great base for canapés if you’re having a few friends over for a drink.


These wonderful Italian cookies are great with coffee, or use them as a base to make Italian-style desserts.

Lemon wafers

Crisp lemon wafers are a refreshing accompaniment to ice creams or sorbets.

Orange almond tuiles

These crispy almond cookies are shaped like continental tiles – hence their name, which means 'tile' in French.


These delectable nutty cookies are thought to have originated in Florence, Italy.

Sugared sablés

Serve these delicate buttery cookies with soft-textured desserts, or enjoy them on their own with a glass of dessert wine.

Langue de chat

Langue de chat, or 'cat’s tongue', is a wafer-thin delicate cookie that can be served with ice cream sundaes or individual mousse desserts.

French macaroons

These light macaroons can be found throughout the pâtisseries of Paris.

Lemon bars

These sharp-tasting little bars are sure to become a fast favourite with the family.

Jewelled pistachio biscotti

An Italian classic brought right up to date with delicious cranberries and creamy pistachos. Dunk in your morning cappucino or, even better, serve with aromatic Earl Grey tea.

Fruit & nut slices

These tasty bars make an irresistible mid-morning snack.

Honey nut squares

These chewy honey squares are packed full with crunchy nuts surrounded by soft toffee.

Banana cookies

Big on flavour and very easy to make, these cookies require no added sugar to sweeten them, relying on the natural fruit sugars in the bananas and dates. Made without wheat flour, they are perfect for anyone who wants a healthy, wheat-free snack.

Macadamia nut cookies

Bite-sized, crisp, and nutty – these cookies will disappear quicker than you think.

Coconut wedges

Dairy-free and sweetened with maple syrup, this coconut oat cookie is a wholesome alternative to mass-produced snack bars.

Popcorn puffs

Crunchy and light, these popcorn puffs are quick, simple, and fun to make.

Granola seed & nut bar

Great for breakfast on the run, or as an energy snack at any time of day, these nutty bars are packed full of flavour.

Berry oat bars

Use double the given quantities of fresh berries for an extra gooey boost; if not, dried berries will do the trick.

Sticky date bars

Dates provide a quick sugar boost, so these bars are an immediate energy source.

Chocolate-dipped coffee drops

Bitter coffee contrasted with sweet chocolate, these are a sophisticated treat indeed.

Peanut butter & chocolate swirls

These cookies are rich and succulent. They are full of thick swirls of peanut butter, nestling in sweet chocolate chunk cookies.

Chocolate whirls

Pretty little cookies that taste as good as they look.

Cream cheese & chocolate double deckers

Crumbly cookies filled with a sweet cream cheese – simply luxurious.

Pecan chocolate mallow bars

Crunchy, sticky chocolate bars to get your fingers and teeth stuck into. A great recipe to make with the kids – you do the melting, and let them throw on the marshmallows.

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