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From quick, on-the-go to lazy Sunday mornings, these breakfast and brunch recipes are the perfect way to start your day.

Celebration breakfast bellini

Traditionally this cocktail is made with puréed white peaches and Italian sparkling wine, with a little raspberry or cherry juice to give it a pink glow. Ideally you want one-third peach purée to two-thirds champagne.

Greek yogurt & berry breakfast

This breakfast couldn’t be easier to make or more refreshing to eat. It doubles as a quick dessert too, maybe using a berry-flavoured yogurt. You could even layer it in a glass with muesli for an elegant fruit parfait. Greek yogurt is thicker and creamier than natural yogurt and contains up to twice as much protein and about half the carbohydrates. On the downside, it contains roughly one-third less calcium. It is also higher in fat, so take advantage of reduced fat and fat-free varieties.

Great-for-you granola

Do not be tempted to use ordinary barley in this recipe; it will be far too hard and crunchy. Just leave it out if it is not available.

Cranberry flapjacks

A flapjack is a wonderful thing to eat as a snack and, being quite dense, it is easy to transport, sealed in a little cling film. What’s more, it costs a fraction of those fancy flapjacks served in coffee shops and it couldn’t be simpler to make.

Honey muesli with raspberries & hazelnuts

After making your own cereal, ready-made will never taste good enough again.

Classic blueberry pancakes

How about starting your day with a fluffy blueberry pancake, spread with butter, sprinkled with icing sugar, and drizzled with delicious maple syrup?

Apple pancakes with maple syrup butter

These are sometimes called German apple pancakes.

Spicy ham & egg cups

Here’s a fun way to have a full bacon and egg breakfast that will really impress!

Squash, sage & gruyère frittata

These are some interesting flavours for breakfast, if you fancy something different.

Tomato & avocado omelette

This is one of those standard recipes that is useful to have in your repertoire for a last-minute meal, day or night. The variations on the fillings are limitless. Using this recipe, you can easily turn a few scraps of cheese, meat or vegetables into a satisfying, economical and nutritious meal. For instance, try this one with a little crumbled blue cheese, goat’s cheese or feta cheese, or with a few torn basil or rocket leaves.


This is a traditional breakfast dish of Indian origin. It originally consisted of rice, onion, lentils, spices, fresh limes, butter and fish.

Mexican scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are a good foundation for a multitude of flavourful ingredients. This Mexican recipe, with its tortilla strips, tomatoes and pepper, can be easily varied.

Tex-mex sausage bake

This will fill your kitchen with the wonderful aroma of cheese as it bakes in the oven. You can increase the “heat” of this dish by using jalapeño peppers and/or pepper jack cheese, if you wish.

Big mushroom sandwich

Portabello mushrooms make a great vegetarian alternative to a meat burger. Select mushrooms roughly the same size as your bun (the really huge ones take longer to cook and will hang over the edge of the bun rather inelegantly).

Bacon sandwich with apple & blue cheese

Is there anything more evocative of lazy weekend mornings than the scent of frying bacon? Here is a bacon sandwich with a twist—the flavours go really well together, and create a satisfying sandwich that will fill you up all morning.

Chorizo beans on toast

This classy, brunch-style beans on toast recipe is one of those breakfast dishes that is lovely at any time of the day. The recipe makes a delicious home-cooked beans dish but you could substitute a can of baked beans for a very quick alternative.

Breakfast sausage burger with bacon & cheese

Very similar to fast food, but much better homemade.

Ham, cheese & bacon tartiflette

A tartiflette is a hot, bubbling dish with cheese and onion, originating in France. There, the cheese used is Reblochon, which may be difficult to find at the supermarket.

Fluffy vegan pancakes

What a treat to start the day with these light and fluffy pancakes. Be sure to use white flour, because wholemeal flour makes them heavy.

Chilli cheese breakfast casserole

There are so many breakfast recipes with potatoes or bread that rice makes a welcome change. Try serving this the next time you have a brunch buffet.

Courgette pancakes with tomato salsa

These deliciously tender, creamy pancakes look stunning topped with a rich red tomato salsa. Buy a jar of salsa or make your own.

Bacon-wrapped portobello mushrooms

You cook these mushrooms in the oven, but you can also cook them under the grill or on the BBQ. They’re great with scrambled eggs and sausages or as part of a breakfast buffet. You could also serve them on toast.

Hash browns

These are very similar to rosti, but they’re the American version of the Swiss classic. They take a little planning, as you start them the night before.

Sausage & onion rosti

This is an unusual way of serving rosti (a Swiss version of hash browns), with meaty sausages, browned and baked in the oven.

Cranberry happy bars

There is enough goodness in these bars to keep you on the go until lunch.

French toast roll-ups

These breakfast toasts are a special treat, yet are simple to make. You can prepare them the evening before you intend to eat them and leave them covered in the fridge, then all you have to do in the morning is cook them. The key to this recipe is to use soft white bread that rolls up easily and contains the filling without cracking.

Smoky beans with bacon & basil

Homemade baked beans, served as a delicious accompaniment to eggs or sausages, or as a topping for toast, for a perfect start to the day.

Homemade pork sausages

Making sausages is much easier than most people think. Sausage skins can quite often be purchased from butchers who make their own sausages. Alternatively, just roll into a sausage shape, and cut into sections about 10cm (4in) in length. You could also form the sausage meat into patties and cook them like a burger, easy to put on a sausage sandwich. These can be frozen until needed; just defrost completely before cooking.

Meat lovers’ potato frying pan

If you’d like, you can cook the potatoes the night before, then cook this one-pan meal in the morning. It’s filling and satisfying. Serve it by itself or as a side dish for eggs.

Apple & pecan french toast

This is a great way to use up leftover panettone or brioche, but any type of day-old white bread will be good (day-old bread is always better than fresh for French toast).

Chocolate chip waffles

The smell of these cooking will get everyone out of bed in double-quick time.

Jam doughnut muffins

The sugar sprinkled on the muffins, and the jam inside, make these taste just like jam doughnuts.

Dutch apple breakfast cake

Caramelised apples, surrounded by a thick and satisfying type of pancake and topped with a large dollop of crème fraîche, are a wonderful way to start the day.

Wholemeal muesli & sunflower seed muffins

The sunflower seeds add a wonderful crunch to these muffins, and the sunflower oil is healthier than butter.

Parmesan & pine nut muffins

With their hint of garlic, these savoury muffins will fill your kitchen with a wonderful aroma.

Banana, cranberry & walnut muffins

Bananas make a wonderful addition to muffins because they add a delicious moistness.

Cherry kuchen

Kuchen is the German word for cake. This recipe is so quick to put together that you can have it on the table in 45 minutes.

Rustic loaf

This is a quick mix basic bread loaf, an easy introduction to home bread making.

Barley breakfast bread

This breakfast bread is easy to make – just make sure to soak the barley overnight for the most tender and flavourful results.

Old-fashioned strawberry jam

Strawberry jam can be very difficult to set, and you may need to add extra pectin. Mashing the strawberries helps to release the pectin, ensuring a good set.

Aromatic orange marmalade

The orange flower water adds a light fragrance to this marmalade that can't fail to cheer you up. This preserve is delicious when paired with smooth pâtés and mature cheddar.

Rich & creamy hot chocolate

The better the quality of chocolate used, the better the taste. Always use whole milk to get a fuller, more rounded, creamy flavour.

Heart-friendly muffins

Though low in saturated fat, these are absolutely delicious. They’re best eaten within a day of baking.

Spiced hot coffee

Plain coffee is delicious, but sometimes you just want something different – especially on a cold winter day when you need some extra heat.

Potato rosti

Unlike the sausage & rosti recipe in the last chapter, this rosti uses grated boiled potatoes before being made into a cake shape and baked in the oven. I find oven-baking rosti much easier and quicker than frying it on the stove.

Stuffed savoury ham & cheese french toast

Butter burns easily when heated — add a little vegetable oil and it will not burn so readily.

Bacon & egg tarts

Make these tarts when you want to impress your guests.

Full english frittata

A frittata (an Italian word for an omelette) is baked in the oven. This one has all the elements of a full English breakfast in it.

Ham & cheese soufflé

Soufflés need to be served as soon as they come out of the oven, as they can deflate quite quickly.

Pumpkin & pecan muffins

These are moist and flavoured with autumn spices.

Blueberry & white chocolate muffins

The trick to making perfect muffins is to combine the wet ingredients from one bowl into the dry ingredients in another bowl as lightly and quickly as possible.

Energy bars

This is the perfect snack for a sportsman who needs a burst of energy to keep going.

Banana cranberry loaf

Slightly sweet and flavoured with cranberries, this loaf is terrific toasted with butter.

Crabmeat strata

This is a very rich and creamy dish, especially good for a holiday brunch buffet. It can be prepared up to 24 hours in advance.


You could serve these traditional German white rolls as part of a continental breakfast, with lots of butter and strawberry jam. They also make great dinner rolls.

Raisin bread

This bread is delicious sliced and spread with butter. Kids love it!

Multigrain bread

Baking your own wholemeal bread can give you a better, healthier and tastier loaf, and is so easy to do, especially if you have a mixer with a dough hook.

Overnight caramel pecan french toast

Start this the night before, and it will be ready to bake in the morning. It’s easy, but never fails to impress!

Apple & almond bars

Apples and almonds are a heavenly combination in this cakelike breakfast bar.

Cherry-berry granola crunch

The aroma of this granola baking in the oven is so appetising you won't want to wait until morning!

Fruity sesame seed cereal

There are countless combinations of oats, nuts and fruits to make your breakfast cereals enticing.

Welsh rarebit

This is sometimes mistakenly called Welsh rabbit. The success of this dish lies in cooking it slowly over a low heat until the cheese has melted.

Mocha shake

If you can never decide between coffee and chocolate, this will solve your problem. It’s rich, thick and absolutely divine.

Easy home-brewed cappuccino

A cafetière works well for this recipe. You’ll also need a handheld stick whisk.

Wake-up juice

Start the day off right by firing up the circulation and kicking off the body’s cleansing process.

Healthy cereal

With all its nuts and seeds, this cereal has a wonderful texture and crunch.

Potato hash bake

This is delicious at a brunch buffet, and you can make it entirely in advance. Just reheat to serve.

Granola seed & nut bar

Great for breakfast on the run, or as an energy snack at any time of day, these nutty bars are packed full of flavour.

Oaty apple pancakes

These healthy, low-fat pancakes are a tasty way to start the day and are very quick to make. They are delicious with cranberry syrup or try them with warmed apple sauce.

Pecan & cranberry rye bread

The rye flour and pecans in this bread add extra texture and interest.

Scrambled egg pitta

This is a delicious way to eat your morning egg. The basic instructions given below for scrambled egg can easily be bulked up for more people and can be served on toast or alongside bacon and mushrooms.

Almond waffles with apricot sauce

Almonds and apricots are a classic combination, and the buttermilk gives a lovely tangy richness to this waffle.

Wild rice cakes

These rice cakes are not commonly seen as a breakfast item, but if you are trying to lower your carbohydrate intake, they make a spicy alternative to hash browns. Wear rubber gloves when chopping chillies, because they can irritate your skin.

Kamut bread

Probably the easiest bread in the world to make, no kneading at all required.

Plumberry jam

This jam makes the most of the autumn bounty, along with an infusion of fresh vanilla.

Peachy delight jam

This jam reminds me of the deep South. I spent a year working and living as a nanny in the US, and my host father was from the home of the famous Annual Peach Jam Jubilee in Chilton, Alabama.

Cherry bomb jam

The highlight of this jam comes from the addition of grappa, which provides a robust flavour. Cherries have little or no pectin, so I’ve included redcurrant juice and reduced the sugar.

Summer fruit jam

Peaches and roses herald the arrival of summer, so along with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, I’ve added a small amount of rose water to enhance the flavour.

Potato pancakes with smoked salmon

These crisp and golden pancakes are traditionally eaten in Eastern and Central Europe, often with soured cream. A lot of the preparation is grating but you should ask an adult to help you fry the pancakes.

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