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Feel like chicken tonight with dozens of recipes including salad, pasta, soup, grilled, fried and roasted chicken.

Chicken tortilla soup

This soup is full of the vibrant tastes associated with Mexican food. As in many traditional soups, bread — in the form of tortilla — is used to soak up the flavours and give extra body to the soup. Since the stock is exposed in this dish, choose the best available.

Coconut chicken soup

This may not be an authentic recipe, but it closely resembles its Thai cousin without all the hard-to-find ingredients.

Chicken kebabs

These kebabs can be enjoyed on their own with a side of yoghurt dip. You can also chop them into small pieces and wrap them into a warm tortilla with lettuce and tomatoes for a quick, filling lunch. Or use vegetables such as onions, peppers, aubergines, cherry tomatoes and sweet potato for a super healthy alternative.

Chicken satay with peanut sauce

If you are looking for a different way to prepare chicken, look no further. The peanut sauce is spicy without being too hot and the chicken can be cooked on the barbecue instead of under the grill, if desired.

Cajun glazed mini chicken kebabs

These spicy little kebabs are delicious at lunchtime grilled, as directed or cooked over a barbecue. These go well with a mango salsa and maybe a Cajun rice salad made from a little cooked rice and lots of mixed peppers, chopped jalapeño, celery, red onion and fresh parsley. Alternatively serve with skewers of barbecued vegetables.

Japanese chicken with yakitori sauce

This dish is very popular in Japan and often the chicken livers and gizzards are skewered and served too. You can make your own yakitori sauce or buy a commercially prepared version in Asian shops.

Chicken & black bean tacos

This is one of those dishes that is always comforting to eat. It bulks up easily, too, so is a good one to make when someone calls by for a quick bite before a night out. The list of additions at the end of the ingredients is quite long – use any of them that you have to hand, in any combination.

Lemon chicken with quinoa & spinach

High in protein, this is a perfect meal to avoid the evening bloat.

Chicken with peppers

The sweet taste of the peppers is perfect with the chicken in this simple dish called 'pollo ai peperoni'. All it needs to finish it off are some boiled or steamed potatoes and a simple green vegetable such as haricots verts.

Chicken & leeks

This dish requires only a few minutes' preparation, before it fills your home with an incredible aroma. It’s perfect rainy-day food.

Barbecued lime & chilli chicken

Nothing is nicer than a succulent piece of flavoursome grilled chicken. The instructions here work for a grill or an outside barbecue, depending on the weather! You can put the chicken together with the marinade in a resealable plastic bag for up to 24 hours in the fridge or make up a batch and freeze them in the bags.

Chicken breasts with harissa, spinach & mozzarella

These are equally good as a family supper or to cook for friends as an informal supper party.

Chicken with creamy red pesto sauce

What a delicious chicken dish — and so simple! If making for company, you could prepare to the point where the chicken is cooked in the sauce and set aside. Reheat while cooking pasta, rice or polenta, then add the soured cream and finish. Fusilli pasta is used in the recipe below.

Chicken with potatoes, olives & sherry

This quick sticky stew is a hearty, rustic and homely dish that is really satisfying when you want something light but comforting. The grating of the orange rind at the end gives an interesting twist to the flavour.

Lemon chicken with buckwheat

A lovely alternative to chicken and rice.

Paella with seafood & chicken

The most iconic of Spanish dishes, the joy of paella comes from flinging in whatever big-flavoured ingredients you fancy, so feel free to experiment.

Chicken cutlet with serrano ham & marsala

Serrano ham or “mountain ham” is a typical dry-cured Spanish ham. This means it is generally served raw in thin slices, but when cooked it crisps up beautifully, creating a rich salty flavour that complements the chicken, zingy lemon and herbs.

Jerk chicken with mango salsa

You can make this chicken as spicy as you like and the mango salsa complements the flavour beautifully.

Chicken wings with honey & paprika

A favourite tapas dish of really simple finger food. The paprika and honey marinade gives the chicken an irresistible sticky, spicy glaze.

Grilled chicken with lemon & thyme

Grilled chicken makes a perfect supper and is loved by almost everyone. The directions here work for an outside barbeque as well as under a grill; either way, with a bit of basting with an aromatic oil or butter, it’ll be delicious. This dish can be prepared partly in advance; the chicken and marinade can be kept in a resealable plastic bag in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

Coq au vin

This one is always a crowd-pleaser. Serve with a tossed salad and a crusty loaf of French bread – perfect for soaking up any leftover juices.

Herbed cheese–stuffed chicken breasts

The chicken breasts can be stuffed in advance and you might want to ask an adult to help you stuff the cheese under the skin. Serve with potatoes and some green beans or salad.

Breaded fried chicken with parmesan

If you thought breaded fried chicken was off your menu, think again.

Quick chicken cacciatore

Chicken in a rich tomato sauce makes a great family supper and is easy to cook for a crowd. Serve with pasta bows or a small baked potato.

Honey-citrus chicken

Make your chicken dinner more exciting with this zingy marinade.

Herbed beer can chicken

Steaming a chicken over a half-filled beer can infuses it with a delicious flavour.

Chicken with tangerine & chipotle sauce

This is one of those dishes that tastes incredibly sophisticated, but has minimal ingredients — it couldn’t be simpler. Serve with a side of plain rice and some black beans. It is a great recipe to make when there are some past-their-best tangerines in the fruit bowl.

Chicken shiraz with ginger

Shiraz (also known as Syrah) is a hearty and spicy, fine, dark red wine with intense flavours.

Sticky chicken drumsticks

These are really delicious and will have you licking your fingers (and the plate!) to get every last morsel of the sweet marinade.

Barbecued wings

Sticky barbecued chicken wings are a perennial favourite and a great snack to offer before the main event. You can't make too many – they will disappear as fast as you can make them!

Chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets are most delicious when you make them yourself.

Chicken roasted with apricots

This classic Middle Eastern dish is known as 'djedjad' in Arabic. It is a wonderfully aromatic way to cook chicken, delicately scented, and very elegant.

Moroccan chicken

Preserved lemon is traditionally called for in this dish, although you can use thinly sliced fresh lemon if you prefer or if preserved lemons prove hard to find.

Red chicken curry

When you are seeding and chopping red chilies, wear rubber gloves and protective glasses. It is very painful to get the juice on your face or in your eyes. This curry dish is delicious over rice.

Kadhai chicken

A kadhai is a deep, circular cooking pan, similar to a wok, with circular handles on either side. It is a basic tool of Indian cooking. Kadhai chicken is a drier version of regular curry; it is best enjoyed with warm roti, the traditional Indian bread.

Mango chicken curry

India is well known throughout the world for its abundance of delicious, juicy mangoes. The mango in this curry adds a delightful freshness to a simple everyday meal.

Chicken & chickpea curry

Make this dish on cold winter nights when you're yearning for something hearty and comforting.

Curried chicken with potatoes

The separate flavours of lemon, ginger and coriander all shine in this beautiful chicken curry.

Griddled chicken thighs with harissa, lime & garlic

Harissa is a piquant spice mix particularly popular in Moroccan cooking. Rose harissa is a similar spice blend with the addition of rose petals, which gives it an appealing aromatic depth. These flavours work beautifully as a rub on any meat but give a particular interest to the subtlety of chicken.

Masala chicken wings

The next time you’re in the mood to order in some hot wings, try this version instead. The blend of spices is just enough to tickle your taste buds without setting them on fire.

Chicken pulao

Pairing meat and rice in a one-pan meal is a great way to feed a big group. Top that with some aromatic spice and a handful of fresh herbs, and you’ve got a definite crowd pleaser. Chicken pulao can also be a main dish.

Chicken dhansak

This is a Persian curry made with lentils and spices. You can make it with lamb or beef, but it is particularly good made with chicken and served with pilau rice.

Tandoori chicken legs

Tandoori chicken is one of the most popular dishes in Indian cuisine. The flavours of the traditional dish are fairly easy to recreate and the chicken legs cook extremely well in a regular convection oven or over a barbecue.

Chicken barbacoa

Barbacoa – foods over an indirect fire outdoors­ – are popular in Mexico. Cabrito (goat) is the choice in the north, lamb in central Mexico and pork in the Yucatán, but everyone loves chicken. Mesquite chips provide a regional “kiss of smoke” flavour.

Chicken broth

To make this soup, first you need to cook a chicken and eat most of the meat. You then simmer the carcass for 8–10 hours in the slow cooker so all the goodness from the bones can make a really lipsmacking soup.

Warm chicken salad with matcha pesto dressing

Not quite as ‘superfood’ as my superfood salad but pretty crammed with delicious goodness all the same. Matcha green tea powder is a concentrated form of green tea and is high in antioxidants. It blends really well with the pesto.

Chermoula chicken salad

Chermoula is a marinade used in North African cooking, frequently with fish, in this case with chicken. It is light and fragrant and helps the chicken keep moist.

Fusion chicken salad

This simple salad is enlivened by a sweet, tangy dressing that completely transforms it into something magical. Look out for reduced-price rotisserie chicken pieces in the supermarket – they are displayed for a limited time, so are frequently sold off and are great for this recipe. If you want to go more Asian, use shredded pak choi instead of mixed salad greens.

Chicken lettuce wraps

These are healthy and full of flavour. Allowing everyone to construct their own wrap makes this an easy meal option. Buying a package of stir-fry vegetables makes the shopping simple and cuts down on prep time. Cooking with jars or tubes of fresh ginger and garlic is a handy prep shortcut, too.

Chicken–sweetcorn burgers with cumin & ginger

The corn and spices give a novel twist to the chicken burger. Serve on a bun with lettuce and cucumber and a tomato or Thai chilli sauce. The burgers can be cooked from frozen, so double up the recipe and keep some as a standby.

Chicken in mustard cream sauce

This will soon become the quick dish that you serve to impress. Poaching the chicken in vermouth makes it moist, rich and slightly scented; you could substitute a good-flavoured white wine such as chardonnay and the resulting dish will still be delicious. All you need are some new potatoes and a steamed green vegetable, such as broccoli or spinach, on the side.

Cambodian stirfried chicken

Ginger plays a big role in Cambodian cooking, particularly in stirfried dishes. Whenever possible, the juicier and more pungent young ginger – available in Asian markets – is used.

Filipino roast chicken with lemongrass & ginger

Spit-roasted in the streets or oven-roasted in the home kitchen for celebratory feasts, variations of aromatic roast chicken can be found all over the Philippines.

Indonesian fried chicken

This unusually crispy chicken is cooked twice – first in spices and flavourings to ensure a depth of taste and then deep-fried to form a crisp, golden skin.

Chicken & ginger broth with papaya

In the rural areas of the Philippines, this traditional peasant dish is still cooked daily. One of the most popular versions is this one, with green papaya in the broth, which is generally served with steamed rice or sipped throughout the meal to cleanse and stimulate the palate.

Chicken pot pie

The perfect way to use up leftover roast chicken, this pot pie is pure comfort food.

Chicken & dumplings

This comforting chicken stew transforms into a one-pot meal with the addition of quick dumplings cooked on the surface.

Chicken cacciatore

This is one of those classic dishes where the flavour improves if it is left to sit for a day. It’s perfect for making on the weekend and taking out on a busy weekday night. Serve with pasta, rice or mashed potatoes.

Arroz con pollo

This is the quintessential Spanish and Latin American casserole. There are many versions of arroz con pollo, but all begin with a sofrito – the base for a sauce made by sautéeing chopped onions, garlic, pepper and spices in olive oil.

Chicken tetrazzini

The opera diva Luisa Tetrazzini was the inspiration for this dish, which is said to have been made for the first time at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.


A classic of Louisiana Creole cuisine, jambalaya can even be made with alligator meat!

Curried drumsticks

This is one of those simple recipes that can be whipped up with next to no effort. The drumsticks are great hot, accompanied by a curried vegetable dish. Wrap them in oil and they are great for packed lunches too.

Chicken cordon bleu goujons

Cordon bleu is a gastronomic term meaning of the highest class. Therefore, this moist chicken wrapped in ham with oozy cheese is just about as delicious as you can get. To make sure this recipe has a real Spanish flair, it uses the quintessentially Spanish ingredients of manchego cheese and Serrano ham.

Chicken tikka masala

Try this quick, modern twist on a classic restaurant favourite.

Risotto alla sbirraglia (venetian chicken risotto)

This risotto with chicken is a typically Venetian risotto, very wet and runny, but also very rich and filling. Make sure the chicken stock is very flavoursome to ensure that the finished risotto tastes properly rich. Although traditionally the risotto is served without any added colour, you could stir a bit of parsley into the finished dish if you feel it needs a touch of green.

Chicken liver pâté with garlic toasts

Smooth rich chicken liver pâté is utterly irresistible and perfect for entertaining because you can make it in advance, then forget about it until you’re ready to sit down to eat.

Kashmiri chicken & spinach curry

Packed with flavour, this curry is also delicious reheated for lunch the next day.

Malaysian devil’s hot pot

Laced with chillies, this hot pot is devilishly hot! A great favourite for family celebrations, it is often served as a meal on its own with breads to mop up the sauce.

Hot and sticky summertime chicken

Here’s an easy recipe for spatchcocked – split and grilled – chicken.

Spicy moroccan chicken tagine

On a cold winter’s evening, there is something very warming about a tagine and the addition of ginger and cinnamon adds an exotic touch, evocative of warm Moroccan nights.

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