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Cakes, bakes, puddings, desserts and sweets - these recipes are made to delight the chocolate lover.

Peanut butter & chocolate swirls

These cookies are rich and succulent. They are full of thick swirls of peanut butter, nestling in sweet chocolate chunk cookies.

Triple chocolate cookies

Rich and full-flavoured, these chunky chocolate cookies with dark and white chocolate chips are irresistible.

Bittersweet chocolate crunchies

These are everyone’s favourite refrigerator cookie – and especially easy to make with kids.

Chocolate puddle cookies

Even when these cookies have cooled the fudgy centre stays soft, giving these rich chocolate cookies a delicious chewy texture.

Chocolate & orange sandwich cookies

Chocolate and orange is a great flavour combination – try these cookies and you’ll soon see why.

Marbled chocolate–vanilla cookies

These attractive little cookies will go perfectly with your afternoon coffee.

White chocolate & orange cookies

Delicate chocolate and aromatic orange make this an elegant accompaniment to a late afternoon cup of tea.

Millionaire’s shortbread

Millionaire’s shortbread is appropriately named, given that it is rich and extravagant!

Cream cheese & chocolate double deckers

Crumbly cookies filled with a sweet cream cheese – simply luxurious.

Pecan chocolate mallow bars

Crunchy, sticky chocolate bars to get your fingers and teeth stuck into. A great recipe to make with the kids – you do the melting, and let them throw on the marshmallows.

Chocolate macadamia slice:

This sweet treat is calories on a plate, but as an occasional treat, it is a winner.

Triple chocolate muffins

Muffins are different to cupcakes, they should be made quickly and the mixture stirred only until it comes together.

White chocolate & raspberry cupcakes

Sweet juicy raspberries and creamy white chocolate go together so well. These delicious light and fluffy cupcakes are perfect served with afternoon tea.

Chocolate victoria sandwich

This classic cake is enjoyed by everyone, and is ideal for cake sales as it can be sold whole or by the slice.

Chocolate lava cake

The best lava cake recipe you will find. Serve with pistachio ice cream for a bit of Mediterranean flair.

Chocolate & ginger torte

Light and crumbly on the outside and moist and melting on the inside, this divine chocolate torte is perfect served for dessert with thick cream poured over the top.

Dark chocolate-mocha mud cake

Rich and indulgent, this dark chocolate cake with its even darker icing is the ultimate cake for hardened chocoholics!

Craving for chocolate cake

This cake has the rich taste of chocolate but without all the calories. It has a lovely glossy top, so it needs no icing.

White chocolate torte

Make this deliciously smooth and creamy cake in a tin with a removable base, as the finished dessert will be much easier to remove.


The original recipe was devised in Vienna in 1832 and kept a closely guarded secret!

Dark chocolate cheesecake

This wonderful cheesecake just melts in the mouth and makes a fabulous dessert or an extra-indulgent afternoon treat. It’s rich, creamy, and with just the perfect hit of bitter chocolate.

Chocolate velvet ganache gâteau

This is equally good served as a dessert or as a special cake to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Let the ganache cool at room temperature rather than in the fridge.

Chocolate brownie gâteau

The perfect dessert that can also double as a birthday cake for anyone who finds chocolate brownies irresistible – and, let’s face it, that means most of us! Keep an eye on the brownie layers towards the end of the cooking time. If they’re left too long in the oven, the centres will dry out rather than remaining gooey and dark.

Praline, chocolate & cherry bread pudding

This is a luscious and rich dessert, ideal for a special occasion.

Steamed chocolate sponge with vanilla custard

For a warming winter pudding, nothing will beat these feel-good sponges.

Chocolate bread & butter pudding

This dessert is a good way to use up bread that has started to go stale. White or whole wheat bread work equally well. Serve plain or dusted with icing sugar, with custard or cream.

Pears with ice cream & hot chocolate sauce

This is a quick version of the classic dessert Pears Belle Helene. The chocolate sauce is deliciously rich, thanks to the evaporated milk, and because the pears are from a can, this is a handy recipe to have up your sleeve when you need a store cupboard pudding.

Bitter chocolate tart with toasted hazelnut crust

This is a deliciously smooth, plain chocolate tart that can be served warm or cold.

Giant chocolate & orange whoopie pie

For this party-size pie, a white chocolate filling replaces traditional marshmallow.

Chocolate almond tuile baskets with chocolate-dipped strawberries

The tuile recipe will make more than you need, so store the extras to serve with coffee.

Chocolate chia pudding

Yes you can still have chocolate pudding and eat healthy. Raw cacao is packed full of antioxidants – it is the unprocessed version of cocoa and hasn’t been exposed to any chemical processing and drying that destroys a lot of the nutrients. Raw cacao has up to 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries. It is the highest plant-based source of iron and one of the highest plant-based sources of magnesium, essential for a healthy heart.

Kiwi, orange & white chocolate cream mille-feuille

When you roll out the pastry, be careful not to stretch it or it will shrink back during baking and the mille-feuille layers will be uneven. Do not assemble these more than two hours before serving or the pastry will become soft.

Rich chocolate pots with coffee cream

Chocolate and coffee are natural partners and combine together beautifully in this classic French dessert. Once the egg yolks have been added, transfer the mixture to a measuring jug to make it easier to pour into the ramekins.

Chocolate roulade with chocolate cream & raspberries

Roulades make impressive and popular desserts and are ideal for parties because they can be made ahead and need no last-minute attention.

Churros con chocolade

Churros are sausage-shaped donuts that are meant for plunging in the thick chocolate sauce served with them. They're a tradition all day and are also eaten for breakfast.

Chocolate-walnut babka bread

This indulgent treat is special enough to serve on any holiday morning.

Chocolate chip waffles

The smell of these cooking will get everyone out of bed in double-quick time.

Light tofu chocolate mousse

Don’t be put off by the ingredients in this mousse. If you didn’t know a major constituent was silken tofu, you would never be able to tell. This recipe contains uncooked egg whites, which lighten the mousse but are unsuitable for those with compromised immune systems. There is an egg white-free variation.

Chocolate-dipped coffee drops

Bitter coffee contrasted with sweet chocolate, these are a sophisticated treat indeed.

Chocolate martini

When an enterprising bartender created this creamy, frothy confection, he fulfilled every chocoholic’s fantasy. Use dark bitter chocolate with at least 70% cocoa solids for a seriously indulgent hit.

Fudge-centred cookie bites

With a base of chocolate cookie and a filling of gooey fudge, this delectable cookie will have everyone asking for the recipe.

Cappuccino cupcakes

This unusual icing only takes a couple of minutes to make. Once these cupcakes are iced you can let them set or eat while they’re still sticky – it’s up to you!

Baileys tiramisu

This is a rich, delicious dessert that can be made well in advance.

Mississippi mud cake

This is a dense, moist chocolate cake that can be eaten as a teatime cake or as an indulgent dessert when served with whipped cream or ice cream.

Chocolate & lemon viennese fingers

These elegant fingers are perfect served with mid-morning coffee.

Mini fruit chocolate bars

An ice-cube tray is perfect for making these miniature bars of chocolate.

Chocolate almond clusters

These irresistible treats will disappear before your eyes. Make more than you need because one portion is never enough.

Chocolate waves with dark chocolate mousse

A chocolate mille-feuille that, instead of layers of puff pastry, uses fine waves of marbled chocolate to sandwich the rich and creamy mousse.

Boozy chocolate cups

Serve these petits fours with cups of steaming hot chocolate. Add one to each drink and as the chocolate melts, the drink is infused with a surprise boozy twist.

Milk chocolate ganache

Ganache is a versatile, silky smooth, cream-based frosting that spreads and pipes. It can also be used to make truffles and fill petits fours.

Milk chocolate crème patissiere

This rich custard can be made with any flavour chocolate and is the perfect filling for Swiss rolls and mille feuilles.

Pecan tart

This oozy dessert is begging to be served with lashings of real vanilla ice cream and is at its very best eaten warm from the oven.

Classic mint choc chip ice cream

Although traditional mint choc chip ice cream is always green and very minty, this sophisticated recipe has a much more subtle flavour.

Triple chocolate terrine

Keep this on standby in the freezer and you’ll never be stuck for dessert again. But beware! It is very rich, so slice thinly and let guests come back for seconds if they dare!

Chocolate whirls

Pretty little cookies that taste as good as they look.

Double chocolate mousse

This is a very rich mousse. As the quantities are generous, you can also divide the mixture into 8 and serve in smaller glasses or espresso cups.

Little pots of chocolate

Devilishly wicked and definitely not for those poor souls on diets!

Molten chocolate cakes

A classic chocolate dessert that’s rich, dark and oh so satisfying. It’s important to serve the puddings as soon as they come out of the oven so the soft gooey centres don’t overcook and become dry.

Chocolate fingers

Richly flavoured chocolate fingers are a tempting treat for the entire family.

Chocolate gateau

This chocolate gateau is rich and creamy with the refreshing bite of fresh fruit.

Rich chocolate & hazelnut ice cream

The combination of silky chocolate ice cream and crunchy toasted hazelnuts is wonderful. This recipe is suitable for making by hand or using ice cream maker.

Double chocolate baked alaska

This 70s ’retro’ dessert is a classic favourite — easy to make and enjoyed by all.

White chocolate chunk cookies

For all those white chocolate fans – this one’s for you.

Chocolate berry roll

This lighter-than-air sponge can be enjoyed without feeling guilty.

No-bake boozy slice

To cut this cake into beautifully thin slices, run an unserrated knife under hot water before slicing.

Chocolate peanut butter kisses

Loved by all and ideal for cake and cookie sales. The salty peanut butter gives these yummy cookies a distinctive nutty flavour.

Chewy chocolate cookies

Simply irresistible cookies, perfect for any time of day.

Chocolate & raisin oatmeal cookies

These cookies taste great warm from the oven and they’ll disappear before your eyes!

Nutty coated double choc chip cookies

These delicious cookies couldn’t be easier to make.

Ginger & chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate and ginger combines beautifully. You can try sandwiching these cookies together in pairs using a good quality vanilla ice cream for a super quick dessert.

Spiral cookies

These are delicious served straight from the oven with vanilla ice cream.

White chocolate & raspberry cookies

Adding fresh fruit to cookies means they won’t keep, so serve these warm from the oven with extra raspberries and a large scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Cherry cupcakes

Chocolate baskets filled with Kirsch cream and fresh cherries are delightful treats to serve at a dinner party.

Walnut–banana choc chip muffins

This recipe is a great way to use sweet, overripe bananas.

Cheesecake brownies

This tasty cross between a cheesecake and a slice travels well and is the perfect dessert for a day out with the family.

Orange & chocolate muffins

This classic combination of flavours really is hard to beat. Using fresh-squeezed orange juice in the icing will give it a delicate orange colour.

Lemon & chocolate praline cake

Creamy white-chocolate frosting and crunchy praline is a delicious combination.

Baked maple–pecan cheesecake

The biscuits can be easily crushed in a food processor but if you don’t have one just put them into a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin.

Strawberry & chocolate marshmallow rounds

These delightful fluffy treats are a little bit like cheesecake and a little bit like mousse.

Chocolate–orange no-bake fruit slice

This recipe also makes great petits fours when sliced into delicate cubes and served in pretty paper cases.

Devil's food cake slices

These delicious squishy slices will be demolished by the kids in no time.

Raspberry chocolate slices

The kids will love these cakes combining the goodness of fresh raspberries with a crunchy pecan topping reminiscent of crumble.

Praline truffle

When making the praline, keep an eye on the sugar as it cooks and browns very quickly.

Chocolate baklava

These traditional nutty pastries are a feature of Greek, Cypriot and Turkish cuisine.

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