Dairy Free Collection

A selection of tempting recipes perfect for anyone following a dairy free diet, including adapted favourites and treats made with dairy alternatives.

Bruschetta with pesto & sun-dried tomatoes

These are really easy to make, look impressive and are very delicious.

Spiced chickpeas

These tasty little chickpeas are great served with drinks or sprinkled over a salad for added protein. Be warned, they are addictive! They are best eaten the day they are made.

Moroccan chickpea soup

This delicious soup looks wonderfully colourful and has a lovely citrus flavour that really brings it to life.

Chicken tortilla soup

This soup is full of the vibrant tastes associated with Mexican food. As in many traditional soups, bread — in the form of tortilla — is used to soak up the flavours and give extra body to the soup. Since the stock is exposed in this dish, choose the best available.

Japanese miso soup with tofu

This soup is prepared with white miso, a pungent paste made from soya beans and yellow in colour. (There is also a saltier version, which is reddish-brown.) Traditionally, miso soups use dashi, a stock made from kelp and dried fish flakes. Both miso and dashi are available in Asian markets.

Curried carrot soup

This is perfect soup to warm up with on a chilly or rainy night. Serve with naans or chapatis for a perfect quick meal.

Duck rillettes with membrillo

To make these rillettes (which are similar to a pâté), the duck is slowly cooked in its own fat and then shredded, mixed with some of the duck fat and juices, and allowed to set in a terrine. Normally served with cornichons, these rillettes have a Spanish twist and are served with membrillo (quince paste) and hot toast.

Aduki bean dip

Serve with a selection of raw vegetables or wholegrain pitta crisps.

Jerk chicken with mango salsa

You can make this chicken as spicy as you like and the mango salsa complements the flavour beautifully.

Moroccan chicken

Preserved lemon is traditionally called for in this dish, although you can use thinly sliced fresh lemon if you prefer or if preserved lemons prove hard to find.

Persian spiced turkey loaf

This wonderfully fragrant Middle Eastern–inspired loaf owes its origins to the spicy minced lamb dishes of the region, but is given a lighter twist by using minced turkey. Using left-over turkey, minced or finely chopped, it makes a wonderful post-Christmas meal.

Beef brisket with spicy rub

Served with an angel’s mustard slather, this is melt-in-the-mouth tender and tasty.

Sweet & sour lamb

Although this may appear to be a rich and heavy dish, it is simple enough to put together. Serve this at dinner parties to make your guests feel like you’ve slaved all day just for them.

Rabbit braised in white wine

If you have never prepared rabbit at home before, this uncomplicated recipe with impressive results is the perfect place to start. Ask your butcher to cut the rabbit for you.

Roast pork with fennel & beans

Slow-roasted pork belly with crisp crackling skin and meat that melts in your mouth has to be one of life’s little food gifts, but paired with fennel it is simply divine.

Cantonese roast pork with honey

This is one of the most common ways of preparing pork at Chinese street stalls and in restaurants. Marinated in honey, rice wine and soy sauce, the pork can be grilled, fried or roasted.

Mallorcan slow-roasted lamb shoulder

This classic dish is normally made using milk-fed baby lambs. Most butchered lambs are around a year of age and on a solid diet, making their meat darker and richer. Milk-fed lamb is therefore hard to find. This recipe calls for half a lamb shoulder, making it the perfect size to bring to the table and tear apart.

Seafood salad with avocado & peppers

This fresh, zesty seafood salad is wonderful served on a bed of mixed salad leaves, with buttered wholemeal bread on the side.

Griddled calamari with garlic, orange & smoked paprika

It is important in this recipe that the pan is exceptionally hot so the squid is quickly cooked to tender perfection. Squid must always be cooked very fast over high heat or slowly over a long period, otherwise the result is a chewy, rubber-like disaster.

Masala fried fish

Serve this dish on a platter of fresh, crisp lettuce and thinly sliced onions. Sprinkle with some fresh lemon juice and serve with warm, crusty bread.

Clams with chorizo, garlic & chilli

Clams and Spanish chorizo make an exceptionally good combination. The smoky meatiness of the sausage brings an interesting dimension to the seafood. This is lovely served in a big tapas dish, with a few chunks of crusty bread to mop up the delicious spicy juices at the end.

Fish in foil

This is a fantastic way to cook fish. Wrapping in packets means that, in effect, the food is steamed in its own moisture, retaining all its flavour and goodness. If you are cooking in your oven rather than on an barbeque, you can use greaseproof paper in place of foil, but be sure to wrap the edges tightly together.


Biryani was originally a dish created for the Moghul emperors and was a very complicated affair. This simple variation, which is very easy to cook, is packed with aromatic spices and makes a great party dish.

Kamut bread

Probably the easiest bread in the world to make, no kneading at all required.

Pitta bread

Pittas are best eaten immediately, and freeze well, but you can store them in an airtight container for 1–2 days, and reheat in the toaster.

Exotic fruit salad

This fresh fruit salad made with exotic tropical fruits and a zingy lime dressing is the perfect dessert any time.

Vanilla fudge

This fudge makes a terrific gift for vegans and anyone on a dairy-free diet. Give it to nonvegans, and they will express surprise. They never thought vegans could have it so good!

Vegan orange marmalade bran muffins

These high-fibre muffins are deceptively light and full of flavour. The mixture keeps for at least two weeks in an airtight container in the fridge, so make a double recipe and bake a fresh batch each morning.

Dairy-free pear and ginger cake

Great for anyone on a dairy-free diet, this dense, moist cake with its delicate taste of pear and sugary, peppery bite of stem ginger makes a great choice for afternoon tea. Serve it plain or enjoy it with thick soya cream poured over the top.

Dairy-free chocolate fudge cake

Just because you’re avoiding eggs and dairy, it doesn’t mean you need to miss out. This incredibly quick and simple cake has a dark, moist texture and a rich, fudgy icing.

Lavender-dusted lemon shortbread

Lavender sugar is available to purchase, but you can make your own from a small handful of lavender petals sewn into a small cotton pouch. Place this into a jar containing 225 g (8 oz) caster sugar and leave it for 2 weeks, shaking occasionally.

Chocolate chip soya ice cream with hot chocolate sauce

A low-fat indulgence and it's versatile too. For vanilla flavour, simply omit the chocolate.

Silken chocolate mousse

This recipe is almost too easy to be true, and non-vegans will be truly astonished when they try this amazing mousse. It is very rich, so serve it in small bowls.

Passion fruit sorbet

Many large supermarkets now carry frozen tropical fruit pulp, which makes it easy to get the flavour of Mexico in a frozen treat. Make a simple syrup of water and sugar, then blend in the frozen pulp and flavourings and freeze in an ice cream maker. Passion fruit, known as parcha in Mexico, are small, seedy fruits with a sweet-tart flavour.

Toffeed bananas with coconut cream

Rich but light, this coconut cream is a wonderful accompaniment to most fruit-based desserts.

Chocolate vegan cupcakes

To make this authentically vegan, you must use specially labelled vegan chocolate chips.

Chocolate cake with glossy icing

This is such a decadent chocolate cake – even your nonvegan guests will be surprised.

Lamb koftas

These lightly spiced lamb skewers make a tasty start to any meal, or as a main meal for kids. Serve with a tomato salsa and, if you like, a chopped vegetable salad as well.

Grilled sweet potatoes

Parboiling before barbecuing cuts down the actual cooking time, making this a quick and simple vegetable dish.

Devilled chuck steak

Chuck steak needs slow and careful cooking, but the overnight marinating involved here will help to tenderise it beautifully.

Beer and herb prawns

These juicy prawns are particularly delicious with glasses of dark beer to complement the smoky flavours of the marinade.

Four-berry cordial

This fruity concoction is so much fun to make. Make sure you wear rubber gloves; otherwise, your hands will be stained a lovely purple hue! I’ve replaced the sugar with fructose for those watching the calories.

Perfect apple chutney

My love for apples started with my two apple trees in my garden, today I supply major UK supermarkets with my apple-based preserves. From my home kitchen to yours!

Ruddy rhubarb & ginger chutney

Serve with pan-fried mackerel or salmon with a side salad and sweet potato fries.

Raspberry, rose & vanilla cordial

I love the beautiful aroma of vanilla and rose mixed together. I once had the pleasure of enjoying this truly intoxicating cordial at a very posh hotel for breakfast, and this is my version.

St clements cordial

The simple combination of oranges and lemons topped off with sparkling water is a match made in heaven.

Spiced apple butter

A Belgian classic, apple butter is sometimes known as apple cheese. It doesn't contain any dairy at all! This version is light and fresh, but you can cook it for a little longer, until the butter turns a rich brown, for a more traditional, caramelly butter.

Proper tomato ketchup

The king of all ketchups is the Tomato; this is a handy recipe for using up a glut of tomatoes. This tomato ketchup is perfect dunked into homemade fries with a sprinkle of salt & vinegar.

Basmati rice pilaf

This is an amazingly versatile rice dish, to which you can add anything you want. It can be enjoyed on its own or with grilled or barbecued fish or meat. Adding the peas at the end keeps their colour bright.

Ginger & lime fish

The spicy, tart flavours of this dish will awaken your senses and transport you to a whole new world of flavour mixing.

Spicy red cabbage with apple

This is a traditional dish to serve with roast turkey or pork roast, and is delicious cold as well as hot.

Chicken chorizo & rice

This is sometimes called Spanish rice because it contains spicy sausage and olives. The flavour from the chorizo permeates the rice and the chicken, and the result is delicious.

Moroccan lamb tagine

This spicy tomato and lamb dish goes very well with roasted vegetable couscous. To make the couscous, soak couscous in boiling vegetable stock for 5 minutes off the heat, stir in finely diced cooked vegetables and herbs, and season with black pepper and salt.

Gingered beef & broccoli stir-fry

Chinese-style cooking is terrific when time is short. For best results, slice the steak in half along the grain, then into thin strips across the grain. Freezing the steak for about 15 minutes also makes it easier to cut. Serve with plain or egg fried rice or egg noodles.

Roast red pepper soup

Deeply red and full of antioxidants and cancer-protecting lycopene, this soup feels like it’s doing you good with each mouthful.

Sticky chicken drumsticks

These are really delicious and will have you licking your fingers (and the plate!) to get every last morsel of the sweet marinade.

Cowboy beans with hotdogs

Quick and easy to make. Serve in bowls with crusty bread to mop up the yummy juices. Yee-haw!

Spicy potato wedges

These Indian-inspired potatoes make a great change from rice as an accompaniment for curries, and also pair perfectly with roasted chicken or lamb.

Crispy fish & chips

This crispy oven-baked fish and chips recipe is a healthy and delicious reworking of a fatty favourite. Soak your sliced potatoes in water before cooking, then they will be even crisper.

Pork steaks with apple & sage

Pork and apple, a classic combination, is pepped up with a few herbs and some grainy mustard here. For a special occasion, you could substitute 2 tablespoons Calvados for some of the apple juice. This dish is delicious accompanied by steamed cabbage or green beans and a couple of simple boiled potatoes.

Malaysian devil’s hot pot

Laced with chillies, this hot pot is devilishly hot! A great favourite for family celebrations, it is often served as a meal on its own with breads to mop up the sauce.

Chorizo in red wine

Baking slices of chorizo in red wine tenderises the chorizo and also gives them a lovely winey kick. The heady rich sauce is just gorgeous sopped up with a chunk of crusty gluten-free bread.

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