Gluten-free Collection

A selection of enticing gluten-free recipes, including lots of gluten-free alternatives to everyday favourites and bakes.

Breakfast granola

Cereal in the morning is so quick to prepare and this is baked in the oven with brown sugar, nuts and seeds. The aroma while it is cooking is heavenly.

Breakfast egg & cheese tortilla wraps

Quick to make and colourful, these wraps are not only nutritious, but also appetising and appealing for children.

Cheese & ham mini muffins

Nothing beats the smell of warm cheese muffins fresh from the oven. They will melt the heart of the strongest and tempt even the most difficult to please.

Dutch apple breakfast cake

Caramelised apples, surrounded by a thick and satisfying type of pancake and topped with a large dollop of crème fraîche, are a wonderful way to start the day.

Gluten-free blueberry & white chocolate muffins

Muffins packed with blueberries give a lovely burst of flavour as you bite into them and the white chocolate adds a sweet richness. Adding a banana keeps the muffins moist.

Potato pissaladière

Originating in France, this dish uses mashed potatoes instead of pizza dough as a base. It makes a great vegetarian main dish.

Butternut squash & quinoa patties

Butternut squash is one of the most versatile of all the vegetables. Its flavour blends with quinoa and rice to make these delicious patties. They're surprisingly delicious considering they're also very healthy!

Lemon & pea risotto

This is a lovely fresh, summery risotto, with a subtle lemony tang and faint hint of garlic.

Blue cheese-stuffed mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms, filled with a mixture of shallots, mushrooms, blue cheese and breadcrumbs, are baked in the oven until the cheese just starts to brown. You can prepare them ahead of time and bake just before needed.

Cheese & chorizo quesadillas

These are a taste explosion in every bite. Make plenty, as they will disappear really fast.

Spicy squash & carrot soup

There is nothing better than a warming bowl of spicy soup on a chilly day in the autumn. Even the colour reflects the season.

Aubergine stuffed with crab

Wow your friends with aubergines stuffed with onion, tomato and flaked crab, which make an unusual appetiser or light lunch.

Onion bhajis with chickpea flour

Usually this would be a starter to an Indian-themed dinner, but it makes a wonderful appetiser before any meal.

Chicken korma

A korma is a mild and creamy curry containing coconut milk and ground almonds. Serve with rice and naan bread for a curry feast.

Creamy curried chicken salad

Use low-fat mayonnaise and non-fat yoghurt to keep this salad healthy. It is great accompanied by a rice or couscous salad and is delicious over a baked potato or sweet potato. It only improves by being left to marinate, so it’s a great salad to prepare ahead or take to a party.

Jerk chicken with mango salsa

You can make this chicken as spicy as you like and the mango salsa complements the flavour beautifully.

Spicy moroccan chicken tagine

On a cold winter’s evening, there is something very warming about a tagine and the addition of ginger and cinnamon adds an exotic touch, evocative of warm Moroccan nights.

Pad thai

This is one of Thailand’s national dishes – stir-fried prawns and chicken, with tamarind, eggs and fish sauce, with coriander and chilli added for colour and heat.

Sweet & sour pork balls

The batter for these pork balls is wonderfully light and tasty. They are accompanied by a delicious sweet and sour sauce. Steamed rice is good with this recipe.

Potato dauphinois with garlic & swiss cheese

Potatoes are layered with swiss cheese, onion and garlic and baked until the flavours are blended together and the top is golden brown.

Aubergine, tomato & courgette casserole

Packed with flavour and reminiscent of warm summer evenings, this casserole is warming and comforting in all weather.

Beef in red wine sauce with mushrooms

A warming rich beef stew, full of vegetables and hearty enough to satisfy on the coldest winter night.

Fragrant potato & cauliflower bhuna

A bhuna is an Indian dish in which all the spices are first sautéed in oil to bring out their flavour. Spicy but not too hot, this bhuna goes beautifully with chicken korma.

Falafels with tzatziki

A low-calorie choice for a starter, these are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They are especially delicious with tzatziki, a mint yoghurt sauce.

Pan-fried cod with garlic & cannellini mash

Crispy on the outside, white and flaky on the inside, this fish is served with garlic-infused mashed cannellini beans.

Asian prawn rice noodle salad

This is a delicious main course salad full of intense flavours and textures – a salad that is guaranteed to become a family favourite.

King prawns with garlic & smoked paprika

This recipe encapsulates the simplicity of rustic Spanish cooking. The mingling flavours of the marinade combine beautifully with the sweet succulent prawns, while charred edges from the barbecue or griddle give the slightest of crunches and a heady smoked aroma. You can substitute jumbo prawns, but the king prawns or royal red prawns look much more authentic.

Gluten-free garlic & thyme focaccia

Focaccia is an Italian flatbread, fast to make and just as quick to disappear.

Spicy mexican cornbread

This spicy cornbread is really colourful and extremely good with a chilli dish. Use as much mild or hot chilli as you like.

Strawberry & coconut muffins

These muffins are moist and bursting with the sweet ripeness of strawberries. The addition of coconut and banana keeps the texture perfect.

Marsala poached peaches & mascarpone cream

Poached in marsala and chilled until very cold, peaches become succulent and delicious. Serve with mascarpone and fromage frais and you have a dessert made in heaven.

Gluten-free white chocolate & walnut maple blondies

They say that true chocoholics love white chocolate more than any other and combining it with maple syrup and vanilla makes these simply divine.

Chocolate pecan brownies

Everyone loves brownies and if you serve them warm, with ice cream, whipped cream and lots of chocolate and butterscotch sauces, they are a really indulgent treat.

Lemon mousse

Light and creamy, this is a wonderful fresh dessert at the end of a rich meal.

Buttermilk biscuits

These biscuits are fluffy and light and so versatile.

Dulce de leche panna cotta

The creaminess of this dessert is enhanced by the addition of dulche de leche. The combination is just heavenly.

Chocolate & cherry roulade

With its rich chocolate flavour and sweetened whipped cream and cherry filling, this is excellent for an elegant dinner party or to impress friends for coffee. Start it the day before.

Cherry brioche

This butter-rich French-style loaf is ideal for breakfast. It is also excellent for making French toast.

Soft dinner rolls

Amazingly these rolls actually feel and taste like real bread! The dough is very soft, so they are formed into rolls rather than kneaded or rolled out.

Cranberry & pecan baked wild rice with shallots

Good-quality chicken stock adds depth of flavour to the rice during cooking and the pink cranberries and crunch of pecans add interest.

Quinoa & avocado salad with orange dressing

This appetising make-ahead salad is so colourful that it will tempt even the most fussy family member.

Mixed tomato salad with pomegranate treacle dressing

Tomatoes love sugar, so the sweetness of the pomegranate treacle in the dressing brings out their flavour beautifully. Find a nice assortment of tomato colours (a farmers’ market is a good place to look).

Mixed dried fruit bread

This delicious recipe is excellent as fruit cake as well as fruit bread.

Overnight caramel pecan french toast

This is a great dish to make at holiday times when you have a houseful of guests. Prepare the night before and rouse everyone in the morning with the wonderful aroma of French toast drifting through the house.

Moules marinière

This classic French dish is often made with wine or cider. This recipe reduces the quantities used, thereby losing calories without compromising on taste. It looks impressive, but it is so simple to put together.

Salmon tempura

A Japanese-influenced dish, tempura batter should be light and airy, crunchy and without any trace of oiliness. Make the batter just before using it.

Gluten-free pork breakfast sausages

Making sausages is much easier than most people think and you can be sure there is no added gluten. Sausage skins can be purchased from butchers who make their own sausages or you can dispense with the skin altogether and just roll them into a sausage shape. You can double the ingredients to make twice the number of sausages, if you can manage that amount.

Italian-style fish stew

You can prepare the rich, aromatic sauce in advance and then reheat it, adding the fish and saffron just 15 minutes before you serve.

Spicy potato wedges with soured cream dip

Golden brown and with a slight spicy touch, these make a great side dish for chicken or beef or as an accompaniment to soup for a light lunch.

Oven-baked prawn & asparagus risotto

Everyone loves a creamy risotto, and this oven-baked method is very simple to cook.

Quick chicken cacciatore

Chicken in a rich tomato sauce makes a great family supper and is easy to cook for a crowd. Serve with pasta bows or a small baked potato.

Italian risotto with scallops

This exquisite risotto uses a courgette purée to add a delicate flavour that perfectly complements the scallops.

Coconut chicken korma

The longer you marinate your chicken, the more tender this dish will be. Garam masala, a spice mixture used in Indian cooking, is widely available in supermarkets; and it can be found in Indian food shops. As a healthy alternative you can include vegetables or use them instead of the chicken; cauliflower, carrots, baby corn, beans sweet potato or peas all work well.

Aubergine dip with walnuts

The combination of the walnuts and the stinging sharpness of the vinegar used in this recipe gives this Greek dip, called 'melitzanosalata me karythia', a nice tart taste that goes wonderfully with wedges of pitta bread, raw vegetables and salty cheeses.

Asparagus with spinach, garlic & pine kernels

A spring vegetable native to the Mediterranean, asparagus is well worth the wait for its unbeatable flavour and freshness. This dish is so simple to prepare and the combination of textures from the asparagus, spinach and pine kernels is a treat.

Patatas bravas

Patatas bravas simply translates as brave potatoes. They are sliced fried potatoes smothered in a rich tomato sauce with a hint of smoky spiciness.

Tamale casserole

This tasty casserole evokes all the flavours of the Mexican dish that is traditionally steamed or baked in corn husks.

Mushrooms with potatoes

Here’s a rich, creamy, substantial supper dish that’s wonderful to come home to on a winter’s evening. To reduce the fat, make it with soy-based cream or reduced-fat cream — it’s perfectly delicious. This is great on its own or served with grilled tomatoes or a tomato salad.

Corn chowder

This is a very thick and nourishing soup made with frozen sweetcorn. The addition of bacon and potatoes makes it a meal in itself – perfect on a cold winter day for lunch.

Bocconcini with mint & chilli

You can usually buy bocconcini – the bite-size balls of mozzarella – in most good cheese shops, larger supermarkets and delis. Alternatively, use regular mozzarella and cut it into bite-size pieces.

Bacon-wrapped portobello mushrooms

You cook these mushrooms in the oven, but you can also cook them under the grill or on the BBQ. They’re great with scrambled eggs and sausages or as part of a breakfast buffet. You could also serve them on toast.

Chicken with peppers

The sweet taste of the peppers is perfect with the chicken in this simple dish called 'pollo ai peperoni'. All it needs to finish it off are some boiled or steamed potatoes and a simple green vegetable such as haricots verts.

Roasted aubergine & mint salad

A really delicious salad using aubergine and mint – a perfect flavour combination – with a little feta cheese to add some creamy saltiness to the finished dish.

Ratatouille with oregano & basil

This is slightly different from the ratatouille in chapter 4. If you wish, you can cook the onion and garlic in a frying pan for 5 minutes, until softened, instead of heating in the slow cooker.

Cheese soufflé

Ideal for a starter or lunch, this soufflé should be quickly made and quickly eaten.

Breaded fried chicken with parmesan

If you thought breaded fried chicken was off your menu, think again.

Sweet potato casserole

With orange juice, pecans, honey and a little touch of chipotle chilli powder, this sweet potato casserole ticks all the boxes.

Chicken satay with peanut sauce

If you are looking for a different way to prepare chicken, look no further. The peanut sauce is spicy without being too hot and the chicken can be cooked on the barbecue instead of under the grill, if desired.

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