Healthy Kids Collection

Fun recipe ideas to feed your kids and stay healthy at the same time, that all the family will love.

Blueberry and strawberry smoothie

This is a great smoothie flavour combination - ask an adult to help you use the blender then share with your friends.


This delicious nutrient-packed granola is lovely served with fresh berries and Greek yoghurt, or just eaten as a snack.

Smoked salmon & scrambled eggs

This is one of the simplest everyday healthy and wholesome meals. Serve on seeded rye or sourdough bread. Make sure to ask an adult to help you when using the hob.

Homemade baked beans

You can vary the beans or use a mixture of different types. Once you've made these, you'll never want baked beans from a can again! The casserole dish will be heavy so ask an adult to help lift it in and out of the oven.

French toast roll-ups

These breakfast toasts are a special treat, yet are simple to make. You can prepare them the evening before you intend to eat them and leave them covered in the fridge, then all you have to do in the morning is cook them. The key to this recipe is to use soft white bread that rolls up easily and contains the filling without cracking.

Chorizo beans on toast

This classy, brunch-style beans on toast recipe is one of those breakfast dishes that is lovely at any time of the day. The recipe makes a delicious home-cooked beans dish but you could substitute a can of baked beans for a very quick alternative.

Sticky chicken drumsticks

These are really delicious and will have you licking your fingers (and the plate!) to get every last morsel of the sweet marinade.

Minted falafel pitta pockets

Shop-bought falafel make great sandwiches. Stuff them into pitta pockets with salad vegetables and you are in for a lunchtime treat. Ideally, use fresh mint to make the sauce but dried mint is acceptable, especially if you are not eating immediately, giving the dried mint time to rehydrate. Remember to drain any excess liquid from the salad ingredients to minimise the risk of soggy sandwich syndrome.

Hummus, pepper & carrot wrap

This healthy wrap is great for lunch boxes and picnics.

One-pot mac & cheese

This is a clever variation on the classic. Instead of cooking the macaroni and making the cheese sauce, you cook the macaroni in the milk and the starches from the pasta thicken the milk into a smooth sauce. Add cheese and, hey presto!

Potato frittata

This is a leftovers special: cooked potatoes, a few fresh herbs and some eggs are all you need to make a fine and filling meal. Use whatever vegetables are in the fridge to add to this wonderful egg dish. It can be served hot, warm or at room temperature and is great for picnics.

Mixed-vegetable curry

This dish is best enjoyed when served with a side of freshly made warm rotis and a light chutney. It also works well alongside a flavourful pulao and some salad.

Wholegrain pitta crisps

These are great on their own as an alternative to bread sticks or with simple dips and purees. The crisps will keep well in an airtight container for 1 week.

Fish fingers & super chips

This is a healthy take on classic comfort food. These will taste so much better than store-bought fish fingers as you made them yourself! The oven can get quite hot, so ask an adult to help you when using it.

Chicken kebabs

These kebabs can be enjoyed on their own with a side of yoghurt dip. You can also chop them into small pieces and wrap them into a warm tortilla with lettuce and tomatoes for a quick, filling lunch. Or use vegetables such as onions, peppers, aubergines, cherry tomatoes and sweet potato for a super healthy alternative.

Fish cakes

These are so easy to make, and a great way to get more fish into your diet.

Chicken tikka masala

Try this quick, modern twist on a classic restaurant favourite.

Chicken fajitas

The ingredients can be prepared in advance, then covered and refrigerated in the marinade for up to 12 hours. Serve with warm tortillas and some tomato salsa or guacamole and sour cream. Be careful with the hot pan when frying the chicken and vegetables, ask an adult for help if you need to.

Vegetable chili

On a cold winter’s night, nothing beats a steaming bowl of chili, sprinkled with grated cheddar cheese and with sour cream on the side. Leave out the chili pepper, if you prefer it mild.


Hummus is a popular and healthy appetiser, spread liberally on griddled pitta bread, and served with crudités.

Farfalle with salmon & broccoli

This dish looks so pretty and is ideal for a quick family meal. Look for fresh farfalle instead of dried for an authentic touch.

Mini meatballs

These lovely little meatballs are perfect for serving in pittas or sandwiches, or serving with rice and pasta for a larger meal. You can do all the mixing then just ask an adult to help you fry the meatballs as the oil will be very hot.

Chicken not pot noodles

This really is the ultimate quick meal – it will take you just a few minutes to prepare the vegetables, then pour over boiling water and leave this meal to ‘cook’ on its own. Make sure you choose noodles that will soften in boiling water without the need for cooking. Ask an adult to help you when handling the boiling water.

Cottage pie

Cottage pie is the name given to a shepherd’s pie made with minced beef instead of lamb.

Wholewheat pasta bake

Heavenly comfort food that’s good for you. The oven can get quite hot, so ask an adult to help you when using it.

Orecchiette with broccoli & tomato

This is a lovely speciality from the south of Italy, with lots of flavour and wonderful colours.

Cauliflower base pizza

Fabulous for low-carb or gluten-free diets.

Granola bars

Healthy food on the go, don’t leave home without these. This version gives a soft, chewy bar and though the acai and maca add superfood status they're just as delicious without.

Summer fruit compote

A compote is fruit cooked in syrup for roughly an hour or two. Serve it hot or cold, for dessert or on cereal or with yoghurt at breakfast.

Orange crêpes with pears & grapes

The pears should be ripe but still firm, as if they’re too soft they’ll turn mushy and start to fall apart in the sauce. Any variety of pear can be used.

Berry yoghurt ice lollies

Homemade ice lollies are delicious and easy to make and they taste great on hot summer days. You can use any berries you want to get a different flavour. You'll need help using the food processor.

Sticky fruit kebabs with lemon mascarpone

When the weather is warm, these fresh fruit skewers can be cooked on a barbecue. Be careful, however, not to baste them too liberally with butter and maple syrup, because any that drips into the ashes could cause the coals to flare and scorch the lovely fruit.

Raspberry frozen greek yoghurt

Sweet and tangy, this is a delicious dessert for the summer and goes really well with a drizzle of runny honey. Ask for some help using the ice cream maker if you need to.

Banana cake

Soft, sticky banana cake is delicious and even better when it's topped with a rich cream cheese icing. It’s also a great way to use up very ripe bananas that you think are a bit too soft to eat. Ask an adult to help you line the tin and to use the oven.

Orange & cranberry ice lollies

These brightly coloured ice lollies not only look good, they taste good as well. As fruit juice freezes, it expands, so take care filling the moulds and don't fill right to the top. You could ask an adult to help you, and to help use the food processor.

Baked rice pudding

This recipe cooks very slowly in a low oven, so you can bake it while you get on with other things. The oven can get quite hot, so ask an adult to help you when using it.

Pitta bread

In the Middle East, pitta is made in brick ovens, where very high heat can be achieved. It is very hard to duplicate in a home kitchen, but this recipe, combined with high heat, comes close.


This is the classic minestrone soup of northern Italy, for which countless recipes exist. This is my own version, made substantial by adding pasta to the vegetables and beans. In my opinion, this soup is best if not served boiling hot.

Rice pilaf

This rice is delicious with meat, fish or vegetable main dishes and can also be served cold as a salad.

Tomato & basil soup

This refreshing cold tomato and basil soup makes a perfect lunch dish on a hot summer’s day. It goes especially well with crostini and pesto.

Tuna casserole

Quick and easy to make with store cupboard staples, this delicious casserole will keep all the family happy.

Classic blueberry pancakes

How about starting your day with a fluffy blueberry pancake, spread with butter, sprinkled with icing sugar, and drizzled with delicious maple syrup?

Soft-boiled eggs & soldiers

The eggs are served in egg cups, and the toast strips, known as 'soldiers', are dipped into the runny egg yolk. Always buy the same size eggs and you will get to know the exact timing for how thick or runny you like your soft-boiled egg to be. The water is very hot so ask an adult to help you when boiling the eggs.

Pineapple kebabs with yoghurt

These fruity kebabs are gently cooked to release their juices and flavours. Grilled pineapple tastes so different to fresh! Remember to be careful with the skewers because they can be sharp and dangerous.

Fruit muffins

These muffins contain fresh fruit, making them particularly delicious.

Lemon & poppy seed shortbread fingers with plums & cherries

The secret of good shortbread is to work in a cool kitchen and handle the dough as lightly as you possibly can. Too much kneading or processing and the end result will be heavy and solid rather than buttery, melt-in-the-mouthand crisp.

Pasta with pea pesto

All you need to do is cook some fresh or dried pasta, then stir through this lovely creamy sauce to make a delicious dinner. Ask for adult help to use the food processor and drain the pasta.

Traditional lemonade

Sweet, juicy, and tart all at the same time; it’s a taste explosion. Serve immediately over ice or topped with cool sparkling water.

Popcorn puffs

Crunchy and light, these popcorn puffs are quick, simple, and fun to make.

Spaghettini with garlic & olive oil

Lots of versions of this classic Roman recipe exist, but this is my time-honoured version, eaten thousands of times, in all sorts of situations, but especially late at night…. This is the ultimate after-party food!

Banana berry special

Eating berries on a regular basis can improve or prevent metabolic syndrome, which is a medical term for a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Having all three of these berries is particularly good for your health. Berries are rich in antioxidants that protect cells in the heart and help lower blood pressure. Blueberries contain a substance that can activate fat-burning genes in fat cells to help with weight loss – with loss from the tummy in particular.

Mango ice cream

This fresh-tasting, easy-to-make frozen treat is just what you want on a hot day or after a spicy meal.

Barbecued wings

Sticky barbecued chicken wings are a perennial favourite and a great snack to offer before the main event. You can't make too many – they will disappear as fast as you can make them!

Red chicken curry

When you are seeding and chopping red chilies, wear rubber gloves and protective glasses. It is very painful to get the juice on your face or in your eyes. This curry dish is delicious over rice.

Chicken korma

A korma is a mild and creamy curry containing coconut milk and ground almonds. Serve with rice and naan bread for a curry feast.

Lemon & pea risotto

This is a lovely fresh, summery risotto, with a subtle lemony tang and faint hint of garlic.

Leek & potato soup

Leek and potato is a classic flavour combination and this makes a lovely warming lunch or after-shool snack. The boiling water can get hot so ask an adult for help.

Oaty biscuits

These biscuits are delicious and very easy to make. Just be sure the mixture has cooled before you handle it so you don't burn your fingers!

Fish fingers

Making your own fish fingers is great fun and they're even more delicious than shop bought ones.

Garlic mash

The ultimate comfort food: creamy mashed potatoes with garlic. You can stir in four tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese for a richer version, too. Fry it up for breakfast with bacon and egg or serve with a steak.

Lamb koftas

These lightly spiced lamb skewers make a tasty start to any meal, or as a main meal for kids. Serve with a tomato salsa and, if you like, a chopped vegetable salad as well.

Veggie korma

Korma is a mild, creamy curry dish that's perfect for introducing kids to the flavour of spices and delicious for adults as well!

Aubergine bake

This traditional Italian dish is a firm family favourite. The aubergine soaks up the flavours of the tomato and basil, the cheese melts and it is delicious with lots of crusty bread to soak up the juices.

Granola bars

These healthy bars are packed full of dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Do not give these to a baby under 12 months (the maple syrup is not safe for them). These bars are delicious without the nuts, so simply omit for a child with a nut allergy.

Oven-baked potato wedges

A delicious alternative to chips, these are baked in the oven and can be eaten with dips or as a side vegetable.

Turkey casserole

This classic casserole includes lots of vegetables. It is a great meal for the whole family and easily adjusted for young babies.

Chicken soup

There are lots of stories about chicken soup being healing, and good for you if you have a cold. Chicken soup is definitely warming, and is very nutritious. Purée this soup for babies up to the age of 12 months; thereafter, make sure the chicken is chopped in very small pieces until your child is over 3 years old to prevent choking.

Spring vegetable soup

As the name suggests, this soup is made with spring vegetables in season. It should be light and fresh-tasting. If you are making this for the whole family, double the quantities (for a family of 4–5).

Souper noodles

Super quick, super healthy, the ultimate fast superfood.

Kale chips

A great alternative to crisps and tortilla chips. These super healthy nibbles are great for snacking and easy to prepare. The oven can get quite hot, so ask an adult to help you when using it.

Sweet potato korma

This mild curry is packed with goodness and much healthier than a regular curry as it uses coconut milk instead of cream. Serve with brown rice or wholemeal chapatti. It’s also lovely reheated for lunch the day after.

Carrot muffins

The carrots, cinnamon and wholemeal flour help to turn these muffins into a healthier version of the classic.

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