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When the weather warms up it's time to embrace al fresco dining! From coleslaws and sandwiches to tarts and pies, we've got all the essentials covered.

Chicken wings with honey & paprika

A favourite tapas dish of really simple finger food. The paprika and honey marinade gives the chicken an irresistible sticky, spicy glaze.

Super coleslaw

Super coleslaw has rainbow colours, bursts with flavour and is lower in fat than your standard coleslaw.

Quinoa tabbouleh

A superfood version of classic tabbouleh using quinoa in place of bulgar wheat, delicious on its own in a wholemeal flat bread with a drizzle of live yoghurt or served with a selection of other salads or grilled meat.

Chicken kebabs

These kebabs can be enjoyed on their own with a side of yoghurt dip. You can also chop them into small pieces and wrap them into a warm tortilla with lettuce and tomatoes for a quick, filling lunch. Or use vegetables such as onions, peppers, aubergines, cherry tomatoes and sweet potato for a super healthy alternative.

Traditional lemonade

Sweet, juicy, and tart all at the same time; it’s a taste explosion. Serve immediately over ice or topped with cool sparkling water.

Almond & roasted pepper couscous

This quick and easy dish is great as a side, or take it to work for a healthy lunch.

Salmon & vegetable salad in a cucumber cup

These pretty, light, refreshing salads served wrapped in a slice of cucumber are stunning. They make a lovely starter for a posh dinner party or are fun to make with kids and so pretty they won't be able to resist them.

St clements cordial

The simple combination of oranges and lemons topped off with sparkling water is a match made in heaven.

Turkey drumsticks with fruity salsa

This Mexican-style salsa adds a zesty and intriguing note to the simply grilled turkey.

Sundried tomato & olive sticks

This dough is quite wet, so do not be tempted to add more flour during mixing.

Creamy curried chicken salad

Use low-fat mayonnaise and non-fat yoghurt to keep this salad healthy. It is great accompanied by a rice or couscous salad and is delicious over a baked potato or sweet potato. It only improves by being left to marinate, so it’s a great salad to prepare ahead or take to a party.

Grilled courgettes with pesto

The slightly smoky flavour of the grilled courgettes is perfect with the freshness of the pesto, the piquancy of the garlic and the lovely fresh intensity of the fresh basil.

Asparagus with spinach, garlic & pine kernels

A spring vegetable native to the Mediterranean, asparagus is well worth the wait for its unbeatable flavour and freshness. This dish is so simple to prepare and the combination of textures from the asparagus, spinach and pine kernels is a treat.

Tomato rice

Make this dish at the peak of summer, when tomatoes are at their best.

Cabbage, radish & coriander relish

Crisp, colourful and delicious, this coleslaw-like relish goes well with fish tacos, grilled fish fillets, chicken or pork.

Mexican chicken wraps

Packed full of fresh vegetables and chicken, these wraps are going to leave you satisfied. Look for low-carb tortillas; there are several varieties to choose from. These make a great way to painlessly drop the calorie count.

Potato salad

This is a delicious creamy potato salad with some optional extras. If you were brought up on dill pickles in your salad, go ahead and use them, along with anything else your family favours. If you haven’t got sour cream, then use all mayonnaise or Greek yogurt instead.

Sticky chicken drumsticks

These are really delicious and will have you licking your fingers (and the plate!) to get every last morsel of the sweet marinade.

Mozzarella & tomato salad

This salad is often served as a starter in Italian restaurants under the name ‘insalata caprese’ – it was originally served on the island of Capri as a tastebud-tingling light lunch. It looks particularly pretty with multi-coloured tomatoes. You can serve it with some chunky bread or mix it into leftover pasta if you need something more sturdy. The recipe is easy to bulk up for friends.


Hummus is a popular and healthy appetiser, spread liberally on griddled pitta bread, and served with crudités.

Stuffed veggie loaf

Filling and wholesome, I defy anyone not to absolutely love this lunchtime treat!

Crunchy roast chickpeas

This is such a simple and easy dish to make. Serve as an alternative to crisps or as a side dish for a curry, or stuff into a wholegrain pitta bread with some falafel and salad.

Pimento cheese sandwiches

A classic, American comfort food from the south eastern states. The mixture keeps in the fridge for several days, so make a large batch if you have friends coming; that way, you’ve got an instant sandwich filler or cracker topping on hand when hunger strikes.

Hot beef sandwiches

This is a hearty meal sandwich.

Roasted mushroom & goat cheese sandwiches

Meaty mushrooms make a great base for a vegetarian sandwich that’s equally good hot or cold.

Tomato & mozzarella skewers

These pretty red and white skewers take no time to put together. The salsa’s also quick to whizz up and you can make it in advance to save time when guests arrive.

Filo pastry with feta & spinach

The combination of ingredients for this delicious savoury pastry is classic. The great news is that it works brilliantly with a whole variety of other options. You can freeze what you don’t eat or just eat the leftovers as snacks. You can also make this several hours in advance and bake it just before serving.

Two-tone coleslaw

Crisp and crunchy coleslaw is one of those salads that’s perfect for every occasion. It’s great in winter when other salad vegetables are out of season, but it’s a fabulous dish for barbecues and a must for any buffet table or family meal. This coleslaw is especially colourful.

Spicy moroccan flatbread with olives

This flatbread, made without yeast, is covered with an exquisite blend of seasonings.

Classic sheet cake

Sheet cakes are perfect for birthdays or large celebrations when you need a cake to feed lots of people. A simple iced cake covered with candles looks stunning.

Oaty chocolate chip biscuits

These little morsels of loveliness, in spite of being lower-calorie than your average biscuit, lose nothing by way of irresistibility.

Sweet potato & orange cupcakes

Orange-fleshed sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene (a source of vitamin A), and eating fat with beta carotene rich foods helps the body absorb vitamins, so using them

Vanilla whoopie pies

These biscuit-like cakes filled with marshmallow icing are an all-American favourite adored by kids and adults alike. Perfect for lunch boxes and parties alike.

Raspberry chocolate slices

The kids will love these cakes combining the goodness of fresh raspberries with a crunchy pecan topping reminiscent of crumble.

Vanilla fudge

This fudge makes a terrific gift for vegans and anyone on a dairy-free diet. Give it to nonvegans, and they will express surprise. They never thought vegans could have it so good!

Hot and sunny tomato relish

This condiment is perfect with fried foods, such as calamari, grilled cheese, or falafel.

Proper tomato ketchup

The king of all ketchups is the Tomato; this is a handy recipe for using up a glut of tomatoes. This tomato ketchup is perfect dunked into homemade fries with a sprinkle of salt & vinegar.

Pecan & cranberry rye bread

The rye flour and pecans in this bread add extra texture and interest.

Tandoori chicken legs

Tandoori chicken is one of the most popular dishes in Indian cuisine. The flavours of the traditional dish are fairly easy to recreate and the chicken legs cook extremely well in a regular convection oven or over a barbecue.

Chickpea & onion salad

Boiled chickpeas mixed with onions, chillies, spices and a mix of chutneys are usually enjoyed as a quick snack sold by street vendors in northern India. Here is a quick, delicious, home version.

Cumin rice

This side is best served with a rich curry or a heavy lentil dish. The cumin adds a delicate trail of sweetness to the dish and will leave your kitchen smelling heavenly.

Spicy red cabbage with apple

This is a traditional dish to serve with roast turkey or pork roast, and is delicious cold as well as hot.

Caramelised onions

These onions make an interesting side dish, as well as a flavoursome addition to gravy, soups, stews and casseroles. Keep some in the fridge to use when needed.

Mixed vegetable salad with strawberries

This simple vegetable and fruit salad is delicious served as an accompaniment to grilled fish, chicken and meat. Make it in summer when strawberries are at their best.

Green salad with red cabbage & grapefruit

Serve this light, refreshing salad with its bitter tang of grapefruit as an appetiser or an accompaniment to grilled fish or chicken.

Apple & celery salad with walnuts & parmesan

A twist on the classic Waldorf salad, this crisp, crunchy salad with sweet–tangy apple, wholesome walnuts, and a creamy, flavoursome dressing is hard to beat.

Lime, mint & lemongrass sparkler

Fragrant mint combined with exotic lemongrass and sparkling apple juice makes a delicious, long and cooling beverage.

Mango & coconut refresher

Another taste of the sun-kissed Caribbean, courtesy of this smooth, creamy cooler. Use a very ripe, sweet and fragrant mango so the finished drink has plenty of fresh, fruity flavour.

Fusion chicken salad

This simple salad is enlivened by a sweet, tangy dressing that completely transforms it into something magical. Look out for reduced-price rotisserie chicken pieces in the supermarket – they are displayed for a limited time, so are frequently sold off and are great for this recipe. If you want to go more Asian, use shredded pak choi instead of mixed salad greens.

Chicken lettuce wraps

These are healthy and full of flavour. Allowing everyone to construct their own wrap makes this an easy meal option. Buying a package of stir-fry vegetables makes the shopping simple and cuts down on prep time. Cooking with jars or tubes of fresh ginger and garlic is a handy prep shortcut, too.

Trout & beetroot sandwiches

These delicate sandwiches are perfect for a light meal or a picnic. If you don’t have trout, the sandwiches are just as delicious with smoked salmon.

Spiced apple & cranberry tartlets

Using filo pastry means you can whip up apple tarts in no time. For an even quicker variation, replace the apples with apple sauce.

Spiced roasted plum chutney

Roasting fruits for chutneys, intensifies both the flavour and colour of the chutney. I love trying out unorthodox ways of making preserves, and this one is made in the oven.

Best-ever spiced pickled eggs

It’s very important to use really good spiced vinegar to infuse the oval gems.

Anchovy & olive sticks

Tip: If the dough of this recipe is too stiff, add water; if it’s too wet, simply add flour.

Mexican confetti rice

Also called arroz a la Mexicana or Spanish rice, this dish rounds out any casual meal.

Garlic & coriander naan bread

These naan taste authentic and make a great accompaniment to an Indian curry.

Chicken & black bean tacos

This is one of those dishes that is always comforting to eat. It bulks up easily, too, so is a good one to make when someone calls by for a quick bite before a night out. The list of additions at the end of the ingredients is quite long – use any of them that you have to hand, in any combination.

Exotic fruit salad

This fresh fruit salad made with exotic tropical fruits and a zingy lime dressing is the perfect dessert any time.

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