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Delicious and healthy salad recipes, with classic favourites and exciting flavour combinations.

Two-tone coleslaw

Crisp and crunchy coleslaw is one of those salads that’s perfect for every occasion. It’s great in winter when other salad vegetables are out of season, but it’s a fabulous dish for barbecues and a must for any buffet table or family meal. This coleslaw is especially colourful.

Asian slaw

If you like Asian flavours, you’ll especially enjoy this light, crisp salad with its sweet–sharp ginger and sesame dressing.

Country slaw

This crunchy and colourful slaw made with crisp, raw vegetables has a simple, rustic feel. Make it in late summer when sweet peppers and tender courgettes are at their best.

Green papaya & chilli salad

This light, zesty salad is a simplified version of the classic spicy papaya eaten in Thailand. It’s particularly good served with coconut rice.

Red cabbage salad with jicama & peppers

Jicama, native to South America, is a root vegetable with a mild, nutty flavour. It can either be cooked or used raw in salads. This salad goes very well with grilled food.

Green leaf salad with edible flowers

Edible flowers make a stunning and delicious addition to salads. They are particularly suitable for meals for special occasions.

Cucumber with yoghurt & dill

Variations of this classic cucumber and yoghurt salad are enjoyed in numerous countries countries including Turkey, Greece, Eastern Europe and India.

Chopped tomato salad with spring onions

This simple salad makes a fabulous accompaniment to any meal, but it’s also great piled up on slices of toasted baguette as bruschetta.

Chicken salad with spinach & papaya

Sweet-scented papaya and smooth buttery avocado are a wonderful combination in this simple, leafy chicken salad, which makes a fabulous dish for lunch or supper.

Beef with cabbage & courgette salad

This simple warm salad is great served as part of a selection of Asian-style dishes such as stir-fries or noodle dishes.

Watercress & apple salad with chicory & bacon

The combination of slightly bitter greens with salty bacon, sharp apple and sweet maple dressing is absolutely perfect in this light, tasty salad.

Tuna salad with grilled tomatoes & rocket

Nutty, peppery rocket is a wonderful base for sweet, tender, grilled tomatoes and tuna in this light, flavoursome salad.

Salmon & vegetable salad in a cucumber cup

These pretty, light, refreshing salads served wrapped in a slice of cucumber are stunning. They make a lovely starter for a posh dinner party or are fun to make with kids and so pretty they won't be able to resist them.

Seafood salad with avocado & peppers

This fresh, zesty seafood salad is wonderful served on a bed of mixed salad leaves, with buttered wholemeal bread on the side.

Mixed salad with diced tofu & parmesan

Tofu is a great source of vegetarian protein, making this salad an ideal choice for anyone following a meat-free diet.

Asian noodle salad

Garlic, ginger, spring onions and fresh Thai basil come together in this simple salad to create an aromatic, fragrant Asian-style flavour.

Pasta alla villana

There are many different types of spiral-shaped pasta such as fusilli, radiatore and rotini. Any will be delicious in this recipe. This pasta salad can be served warm or cold.

Carpaccio with parmesan & rocket

Wafer-thin slices of marinated raw beef are an Italian classic known as carpaccio. They’re delicious as a salad with peppery rocket leaves and scented porcini oil.

Insalata trevigiana

This fennel, radicchio and Gorgonzola salad from the Treviso region of Italy is ideal for an elegant appetiser.

Marinated vegetable carpaccio

Traditionally carpaccio is made of thinly sliced raw beef, veal or tuna, marinated with garlic, olive oil and other flavourings. Here, vegetables are marinated in a similar way to make a delicious salad that’s perfect as a starter.

Wild rice salad with walnuts & dried cranberries

Wild rice has long, slim grains and a nuttier, firmer texture than regular rice. This salad, with its nuts, dried cranberries, herbs and spicy dressing, makes a great side dish.

Green bean & chickpea salad with cherry tomatoes & red onion

This brightly coloured salad is packed with healthy, nutritious ingredients and makes a great vegetarian lunch or supper, but is also good served as an accompaniment at a barbecue.

Green salad with red cabbage & grapefruit

Serve this light, refreshing salad with its bitter tang of grapefruit as an appetiser or an accompaniment to grilled fish or chicken.

Quinoa with rosemary & peppers

Highly nutritious and one of the only grains that constitute a whole protein, quinoa has been eaten for thousands of years. It was cultivated by the ancient Incas.

Organic bean sprout salad

This simple, light, healthy salad is a great accompaniment to any meal. It makes a perfect choice to serve at a barbecue with grilled meat or fish.

Coriander tabbouleh

A Middle Eastern classic made with nutty bulgur wheat, lemony tabbouleh makes a wonderful accompaniment, particularly for grilled meats and fish.

Cooked vegetable salad with basil

Lightly cooked Mediterranean vegetables tossed with fresh basil leaves and served while still warm make a delicious meal accompaniment or a simple appetiser served with chunks of crusty bread.

Warm lentil salad

Firm lentils such as brown and Puy lentils make the ideal base for salads as they retain their shape once cooked. This salad is great served warm or cold.

Taco salad

Crispy, crunchy tacos are the perfect accompaniment for this spicy Tex-Mex-inspired salad.

Rice salad with mozzarella & peppers

When grilled, peppers become deliciously sweet, adding a luscious, juicy punch of taste and colour to this simple rice salad.

Carrot salad with pearl onions & parsley

This cooked vegetable salad with its light, tangy dressing makes a great accompaniment to grilled meats and fish. It is also a good choice for a light appetiser.

Bean salad with red onions & parsley

A simple bean salad makes a great addition to a barbecue or buffet, but is also a delicious accompaniment to serve with kebabs and other grilled meats.

Aubergine salad with pomegranate seeds, herbs & feta

Salty, crumbly feta and smoky, smooth aubergine make the perfect flavour combination in this Greek-inspired salad.

Marinated leek salad

This cold salad of tender, cooked leeks drenched in a zesty coriander marinade makes a wonderful accompaniment to chicken or fish, or piled onto toast as a snack.

Green bean salad with sesame & coriander

Fresh, sweet green beans are one of the joys of summer. Try this simple green bean salad spiked with Asian flavours at your next alfresco meal.

Warm chickpea salad with aubergine & courgette

This wholesome, nutritious salad makes a great vegetarian lunch or supper, but it is also fabulous with grilled meat or fish.

Spinach salad with strawberries & macadamia nuts

Fresh berries are a great addition to leafy green salads, adding a distinctive sweet–sharp flavour and lovely juicy texture.

Mixed vegetable salad with strawberries

This simple vegetable and fruit salad is delicious served as an accompaniment to grilled fish, chicken and meat. Make it in summer when strawberries are at their best.

Escarole & chicory salad with blood oranges

Deep-red blood oranges help to create a stunning salad that’s great for serving as an appetiser or accompaniment to grilled meat such as lamb kebabs.

Celery & orange salad with black olives

Crisp, crunchy celery is a great addition to raw vegetable salads. Here, with sweet, tangy, juicy bits of orange, it’s lovely.

Mixed leaf salad with fennel & orange

Fresh, sweet, zesty orange is the perfect partner for thinly sliced crisp fennel with its distinctive anise flavour. Serve this simple salad as an appetiser or accompaniment.

Colourful fruit salad with black pepper

Olive oil and black pepper may sound like odd additions to a fruit salad, but it tastes delicious and really brings out the flavours of the sweet, juicy fruit.

Blueberry & papaya salad with toasted almonds

Try this light, refreshing fruit salad for breakfast with Greek yoghurt and a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Poached fruit compôte

A cooked fruit compôte makes a wonderful alternative to a fresh fruit salad. It is good served as dessert or at a brunch buffet.

Cubed melon

This mixed melon salad – delightful on a hot summer day – also makes a stunning, healthy dessert for a special dinner party.

Exotic fruit salad

This fresh fruit salad made with exotic tropical fruits and a zingy lime dressing is the perfect dessert any time.

Apple & celery salad with walnuts & parmesan

A twist on the classic Waldorf salad, this crisp, crunchy salad with sweet–tangy apple, wholesome walnuts, and a creamy, flavoursome dressing is hard to beat.

Frisée salad with blue cheese & bacon

Salty bacon and tangy blue cheese are a classic combination, particularly in salads, and go together wonderfully here to create a light and flavoursome meal.


Serve this classic Middle Eastern salad, made of chopped tomatoes, cucumber and flatbread, for a light lunch or supper or a delicious accompaniment.

Creamy rice pudding fruit salad

Sweet and creamy rice pudding makes a rich and luscious base for this fresh and fruity salad.

Fig & nectarine salad

Tender figs and juicy nectarines make a fabulous combination in this cinnamony, decadent, rum-spiked salad.

Fruit salad with coconut milk

The addition of coconut milk gives this fresh, fruity salad a deliciously sweet and creamy flavour. It also makes a great dessert for anyone on a dairy-free diet.

Mediterranean fruit salad with spices & pistachios

This simple salad of sweet Mediterranean fruits, sharp grapefruit and warm spices is lovely as a dessert or for a weekend breakfast.

Tuna sashimi salad

Delicate slices of raw tuna are delicious served on top of this Japanese-inspired salad, which is redolent of Asian flavours.

Sweet & sour cucumber & onion salad with chilli

Honey, chilli and cider vinegar make an irresistibly tangy dressing for this light and refreshing salad. Serve as an accompaniment to an Asian-style meal or with grilled fish or chicken on a hot summer night.

Beef salad with thai basil

Thinly sliced marinated beef makes a great addition to this spicy and fragrant tomato and herb salad.

Chopped ham salad

This hearty salad containing greens, apple, carrot, ham, nuts and cheese is a great choice for a simple weekday lunch or supper.

Vermicelli salad

Fine vermicelli noodles make a fabulous base for salads. They are wonderful here, dressed in a ginger and sesame dressing scented with fresh herbs.

Broccoli & cauliflower salad with roquefort dressing

Blue cheese is a natural partner for broccoli and cauliflower. It’s particularly delicious in this creamy, piquant dressing.

Spinach salad with lamb

Tender, juicy lamb is especially sweet and succulent with leafy salads, particularly those made with dark green spinach leaves.

Greek tortellini salad

Tortellini are available with a huge variety of fillings – although traditionally they are stuffed with chopped meat or cheese. For this recipe, choose one that will go well with courgettes and sheep’s cheese, such as spinach and ricotta, sun-dried tomato or wild mushroom.

Pasta salad with prawns

You can toss this very easy salad together in no time, making it the perfect choice for a midweek supper.

Orzo salad with vegetables & feta

Orzo is a tiny rice-shaped pasta that’s particularly popular in Greece. It’s great for salads, and this tangy recipe makes an easy lunchbox meal.

Lenticchie all’umbra

This simple rustic salad of lentils with tomatoes and pancetta has a wonderfully rich, earthy flavour and makes a great accompaniment to summer meals.

Warm sweet potato salad

Zesty ginger, spicy cayenne pepper and fragrant coriander are the perfect match for tender, buttery sweet potatoes in this simple, warming salad. The toasted macadamia nuts add a delightful crunch.

Potato, chorizo & rocket salad

Hot and spicy Spanish chorizo sausage gives a meaty bite to this warm fried-potato salad. Serve as a light lunch or supper or a hearty appetiser.

Warm goat’s cheese & spinach salad

Spinach, bacon and goat’s cheese are a classic combination. When the goat’s cheese is warm and melting, as it is here, it’s especially delicious.

Chicory & radicchio salad with mandarin oranges & seeds

The combination of bitter salad leaves and sweet, juicy oranges is just divine in this simple but sophisticated salad.

Pear salad with walnuts & roquefort

This light and refreshing pear salad, with its raspberry vinaigrette dressing, makes a wonderfully simple yet sophisticated salad for a dinner party or special meal.

Greek salad

This classic salad is refreshing, tangy and perfect for serving as an accompaniment at a barbecue, or as a meal-in-one with chunks of crusty baguette.

Cobb salad

This great salad has a little bit of everything, making it a whole meal in a bowl. The first Cobb salad was created by Bob Cobb, manager of Hollywood’s Brown Derby Restaurant in the 1920s or 1930s.

Potato salad with mayonnaise–yoghurt dressing

Potato salad, a favourite with everyone, is perfect for family meals, barbecues and buffets. This version uses a tangy mayonnaise–yoghurt dressing in place of the more classic mayonnaise.

Caesar salad

Here’s the ultimate recipe for a classic Caesar salad. Feel free to add your own personal touch to make a new classic recipe!

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