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Delicious vegan recipes including lots of ideas for vegan bakes and treats, perfect for anyone following a vegan diet.

Breakfast parfait

This breakfast not only looks delicious, but is also high in protein and keeps you full all morning.

Fluffy vegan pancakes

What a treat to start the day with these light and fluffy pancakes. Be sure to use white flour, because wholemeal flour makes them heavy.

Scrambled tofu

Tasty and nutritious on its own with thick slices of good wholemeal bread, this dish is even better accompanied by luscious fried tomatoes, fried potato and maybe vegan sausages.


A quick and easy version of the chilled classic Spanish soup. If you prepare the vegetables and herbs in advance and keep them in an airtight container in the fridge, the soup can be put together in a minute, just before serving. Gazpacho looks particularly impressive served over ice cubes in a glass dish.

Baby gem leaves filled with tabbouleh

Tabbouleh is a zesty, herb-flavoured salad of nutty bulgur, a part-cooked, cracked wheat product that is ready to eat after soaking (and not to be confused with ordinary cracked wheat, which is raw and has to be boiled). Serve these tabbouleh-filled leaves as a formal appetiser at the table, or as casual finger food with drinks.

Fennel, pepper & tomato tart

Shop-bought puff pastry is a gift to vegan cooks, as most major brands are dairy-free, but check before purchasing. This pie is particularly attractive and is a taste sensation.


The aroma of cooking rösti is irresistible! This Swiss potato pancake makes a great accompaniment for almost all dishes that do not contain potato. Rösti is also great on its own as a light lunch treat with a green salad or for breakfast served with grilled tomatoes or baked beans.

Asparagus with spinach, garlic & pine kernels

A spring vegetable native to the Mediterranean, asparagus is well worth the wait for its unbeatable flavour and freshness. This dish is so simple to prepare and the combination of textures from the asparagus, spinach and pine kernels is a treat.

Grilled chicory with walnuts & pomegranate seeds

The bitterness of chicory combined with toasted walnuts and sweet pomegranate gives this dish a delightful nutty-fruity Middle Eastern feel. The best way to extract pomegranate seeds from the fruit is to cut it in half and then hit the back with a spoon. The fresh red seeds will fly out to be collected and used.

Lentil & rice-stuffed tomatoes

Conveniently, brown rice and lentils take the same time to cook, so if you substitute any other rice, cook it separately. If possible, stuff these tomatoes several hours in advance or even the day before, to allow the flavours time to blend.

Mushroom herb pâté

Whether you serve this tasty pâté as an elegant starter or as a sandwich filling, you’ll enjoy the pungent, earthiness of the mushrooms. Portabella mushrooms are used here for their strong flavour, but there are many mushrooms to choose from. Just pick your favourite.

Caribbean bean & rice soup

The combination of tomato and coconut gives this soup a hint of sunshine even on the coldest of days.

Pumpkin & tofu kebabs

Vegans often feel left out at barbecues. These delicious kebabs provide a tasty solution that will make any vegan feel special. They are easy to prepare and can be made several hours in advance of the party, wrapped in aluminium foil and refrigerated until required.

Fresh avocado salad with lime & chillies

Rich and buttery avocados get a complementary lift from fresh lime juice and chillies in this easy-to-assemble salad. To keep the avocados from discolouring, make the salad right before you want to serve it.

Gado gado

This is an easy version of the Indonesian salad that is characterised by the spicy peanut dressing. For added protein, sliced tempeh can be added.

Quinoa tabbouleh

A superfood version of classic tabbouleh using quinoa in place of bulgar wheat, delicious on its own in a wholemeal flat bread with a drizzle of live yoghurt or served with a selection of other salads or grilled meat.

Cauliflower & spinach curry

A classic quick curry — the vegetables, coconut milk and spices are well blended, but not fiery hot. Use the optional chilli if you like your curry spicy. Serve with naan or flatbread, if you want a change from rice.

Szechuan-glazed tofu with asparagus & cashew stirfry

This upscale stirfry is sure to impress. Chilli garlic sauce is available in the Asian section of large supermarkets or in specialised food shops. If unavailable, use ketchup flavoured with garlic powder and Tabasco, to taste.

Vegetable mole oaxaca

Every family in Mexico has their own way of preparing this fabulous dish, which originated in Oaxaca, so feel free to experiment with the recipe. Use your favourite chillies, vegetables and beans or add raisins or almonds.

Pasta with broccoli & pine kernels

This is a very simple, light dish with lots of great flavours.

Millet pilaf with tahini-herb sauce

Nutritionally, millet resembles wheat, providing niacin, vitamin B6 and folic acid along with some calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. If you want fluffy, grainy millet, as for this dish, it is essential to leave it alone while cooking. If you want a soft textured millet, however, keep stirring until it is cooked.

Vietnamese stir-fried tofu with basil

There are numerous ways of preparing tofu in Asia, but this is a particularly delicious one. Serve it on its own or with stir-fried noodles or rice, or as part of a vegetarian meal.

Black beans & rice

Beans and rice make a staple meal in cultures throughout the world. If funds are tight, this is a good dish to fall back on in its own right but it makes a tasty accompaniment too. Use whatever beans you have to hand and substitute brown rice, if you like, but remember it takes longer to cook and you will need a little extra liquid, too. In some countries, such as Cuba, hot pepper sauce, slices of mango and wedges of lime are served on the side.

Vegetable cashew thai green curry

This creamy vegetarian dish can be gently spicy or quite fierce, depending on your taste or mood. If it is your first time using a particular brand of Thai curry paste, add a little initially, then add more to taste, as they vary widely in strength! This dish goes well with a portion of sticky jasmine rice but is delicious with any type of rice or noodle.

Spinach vadai & coconut chutney

In India no railway journey would be complete without the smell of freshly cooked vadai at every station. Vadai make great starters and are perfect for lunch boxes.

Refried bean tacos

Making your own tacos is the one way to be sure that you're getting a truly vegan taco. The ‘cheese’ here is optional for those who seek authenticity!

Three bean chilli

Here's comfort food and one that is always a hit with meat-eaters too. Make this recipe in bulk for parties or potluck dinners or freeze it in meal-sized portions. It improves with keeping, so it is a great dish to prepare ahead of time.

Sizzling mushroom fajitas

Beef-tasting portabello mushrooms, in place of traditional beef or chicken, make delicious fajitas, too. Serve with flour tortillas, guacamole, and fresh salsa.

Burette with almond pesto

This is the wonderful pesto from the Trapani area on the west coast of Sicily, where the salt flats lie. Fabulous on pasta, this lovely pesto is also great on grilled chicken, baked fish, and as a quick topping to make a crust. This pesto can be made in a food processor, in which case the oil should be added at the beginning.

Carrot cake with lemon icing

If you wish, you can use just wholemeal flour and brown sugar, but choose a finely milled wholemeal flour for best effect.

No cheesecake with mixed berries

This creamy dessert is stunning – all the joy of cheesecake with a fraction of the fat.

Chocolate cake with glossy icing

This is such a decadent chocolate cake – even your nonvegan guests will be surprised.

Vegan orange marmalade bran muffins

These high-fibre muffins are deceptively light and full of flavour. The mixture keeps for at least two weeks in an airtight container in the fridge, so make a double recipe and bake a fresh batch each morning.

Silken chocolate mousse

This recipe is almost too easy to be true, and non-vegans will be truly astonished when they try this amazing mousse. It is very rich, so serve it in small bowls.

Toffeed bananas with coconut cream

Rich but light, this coconut cream is a wonderful accompaniment to most fruit-based desserts.

Lavender-dusted lemon shortbread

Lavender sugar is available to purchase, but you can make your own from a small handful of lavender petals sewn into a small cotton pouch. Place this into a jar containing 225 g (8 oz) caster sugar and leave it for 2 weeks, shaking occasionally.

Apple strudel

Using filo pastry, this dessert is quick to construct and very impressive when it comes out of the oven.

Lemon–poppy seed cupcakes

These cupcakes are delicious with a cup of tea. They have a bright, zingy taste accentuated by the strong crusty syrup on top. The lemon juice activates the baking soda, which makes these cupcakes rise so successfully and gives them a good texture.

Greek-style stuffed peppers

To boost the protein level, add a tin of kidney beans or some diced firm tofu to the stuffing.

Mediterranean warm roast vegetable wrap

These deeply satisfying warm wraps are equally good when served cold. Try them as a lunchbox meal. Simply allow the vegetables to fully cool before constructing the wrap.

Tomato bruschetta

Here bruschetta is made from big slices of crispy ciabatta, but if you make bruschetta from sliced baguette it becomes perfect finger food. Serve with drinks, especially because it is just as good eaten hot or cold.

Stuffed veggie loaf

Filling and wholesome, I defy anyone not to absolutely love this lunchtime treat!

Sundried tomato & olive sticks

This dough is quite wet, so do not be tempted to add more flour during mixing.

Pecan & cranberry rye bread

The rye flour and pecans in this bread add extra texture and interest.

Penne arrabiata

This recipe is called "penne al'arrabiata" in Italian. Serve with crusty bread and a side salad.

Coriander tabbouleh

A Middle Eastern classic made with nutty bulgur wheat, lemony tabbouleh makes a wonderful accompaniment, particularly for grilled meats and fish.

Cashew spread

This is the vegan version of a cheese spread. Serve it as a starter with vegetable crudités, breadsticks or crackers, but it is also a great sandwich filler and it works well on baked potatoes. Using raw cashews creates a delicately flavoured spread, while toasted cashews produce a fuller flavour.

Coconut green juice

This delicate-tasting juice contains lots of electrolytes and minerals. Naturally refreshing, coconut water has a sweet, nutty taste, fewer calories than coconut milk, and less sugar than soda and fruit juice. It is naturally fat-free and cholesterol-free, it has lots of potassium and is super hydrating. Depending on the size and age of the coconut, you should get 125–225 ml (4–8 fl oz) coconut water from each one.

Fresh tomato & basil soup

A perennial favourite, the flavour of this particular version of the soup is enhanced by slowly cooking the tomatoes in garlic-infused oil.

Lentils with lemon juice

This deliciously simple lentil salad, called adas bil hamod in Arabic, uses the very dark, almost black, lentils that are common in Middle Eastern countries. If black lentils are hard to find, use green French lentils instead.


Biryani was originally a dish created for the Moghul emperors and was a very complicated affair. This simple variation, which is very easy to cook, is packed with aromatic spices and makes a great party dish.

Sprout salad

You could serve this either as a first course or alongside a spicy meat curry. For a quick fix, add in a few extra veggies, like tomatoes, and turn it into a nice, filling lunch or light dinner.

Oaty apple pancakes

These healthy, low-fat pancakes are a tasty way to start the day and are very quick to make. They are delicious with cranberry syrup or try them with warmed apple sauce.

Spiced chickpeas

These tasty little chickpeas are great served with drinks or sprinkled over a salad for added protein. Be warned, they are addictive! They are best eaten the day they are made.

French toast

Use your favourite bread in this recipe. Wholemeal bread is good and healthy while challah or brioche makes your French toast light and airy.

Roast red pepper soup

Deeply red and full of antioxidants and cancer-protecting lycopene, this soup feels like it’s doing you good with each mouthful.


This North African bean dish is very popular in Egypt where it is served with flat bread and fresh vegetable sticks. Fava beans are also known as broad beans.

Great-for-you granola

Do not be tempted to use ordinary barley in this recipe; it will be far too hard and crunchy. Just leave it out if it is not available.

Black-olive bread

You can vary the flavour of this bread with your choice of olive, so try Kalamata olives today and niçoise next week!

Roast beetroot with satsuma–chipotle glaze

Beetroot is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Here it is married with the sweet, tangy flavour of satsumas and balanced by the smoky taste of the pungent chipotle.

Triple tomato risotto

This very special risotto combines the rich intensity of roast cherry tomatoes and flecks of sun-dried tomato with the subtlety of tomato-flavoured bouillon.

Tapenade with crudités

This classic dish is usually flavoured with anchovies, so if you are tempted to buy your tapenade, check the ingredients carefully. The vegetables sticks can be prepared a few hours in advance and kept in an airtight container in the fridge until needed.

Onion bhajis with chickpea flour

Usually this would be a starter to an Indian-themed dinner, but it makes a wonderful appetiser before any meal.

Middle eastern fritters

The flavour of these very simple little chickpea fritters, known as sambusac, will vary according to the spice mixture you add to your filling.

Pistachio kulfi

Kulfi is Indian ice cream flavoured with pistachio, rosewater or mango. This version uses coconut and soya milk to replace the traditional slow-cooked sweet milk. It is delicious and lighter than the original. Kulfi moulds are conical in shape and can be purchased at some Asian stores; however, silicone muffin pans work really well too.

Spiced potato salad

The dish literally takes minutes to bring together, but if you let it sit for a short time, the flavours intensify.


These spongy rice and coconut pancakes are much loved in the Christian communities in the southern Indian province of Kerela, where they are served with spicy curries and vegetable stews. However, they are also popular on their own with fresh chutneys or, for a breakfast treat, with coconut and sugar or syrup.

Saffron rice

Saffron is one of life’s luxuries. It adds a lovely flavour to the rice and, with its little speckles of dense colour, looks fabulous too. If saffron is outside your budget, use 1 teaspoon of powdered turmeric instead.

Patatas bravas

Patatas bravas simply translates as brave potatoes. They are sliced fried potatoes smothered in a rich tomato sauce with a hint of smoky spiciness.

Tomato rice

Make this dish at the peak of summer, when tomatoes are at their best.

Fried aubergine

As you cook this dish, the spice blend penetrates through the aubergine, making it succulent on the inside and slightly crisp on the outside.

Authentic guacamole

Made with ripe, buttery avocados and tart lime juice, guacamole also has a bit of heat from chillies. For the most authentic preparation and presentation, use a molcajete – a stone pestle and mortar. When you make guacamole, you should serve it right away, as it can discolour as it sits.

Mango bean quinoa salad

Quinoa is a grain native to South America that has a delicious nutty flavour and crunchy texture. In addition, it is rich in complete protein, making it an ideal food to eat on the go. Quinoa quadruples in size when cooked, so you will have some to spare for another meal – it is tricky to cook less than this quantity. This salad is suitable for vegans.

Granita al limone (lemon granita)

This is like a very simple lemon sorbet, only much more gritty and granular. It is very refreshing and can help you feel a lot less full after a very big, heavy meal. In Italy (where it is called 'granita di limone') this would be eaten either as a light dessert or just to help you cool off. It’s also delicious with a mixed citrus fruit salad.

Neapolitan roasted pepper salad

This is such a classic, delicious antipasto and incredibly addictive! Also delicious with mozzarella in a sandwich made with crusty bread.

Granola bars

Healthy food on the go, don’t leave home without these. This version gives a soft, chewy bar and though the acai and maca add superfood status they're just as delicious without.

Kamut bread

Probably the easiest bread in the world to make, no kneading at all required.

Crunchy roast chickpeas

This is such a simple and easy dish to make. Serve as an alternative to crisps or as a side dish for a curry, or stuff into a wholegrain pitta bread with some falafel and salad.

Poppy seed grissini

These crunchy Italian breadsticks are delicious eaten as they are or served with a tangy dip. If you’re feeling adventurous, try making a few different varieties to serve together.

Caraway oat crackers

These tasty little crackers are easy to make and are a delicious accompaniment for soup, pâté or cold meats and cheese.

Spaghettini with garlic & olive oil

Lots of versions of this classic Roman recipe exist, but this is my time-honoured version, eaten thousands of times, in all sorts of situations, but especially late at night…. This is the ultimate after-party food!

Italian herb bread

This bread is especially delicious when sliced and buttered to accompany an omelette.

Polenta ai funghi (polenta with mushrooms)

Polenta is a staple of the Northern Italian diet. You can buy a quick-cook version, which you mix up in just 5 minutes. Using traditional polenta, you need to stir constantly for about 50 minutes, but the end result is very different from the quick-cook kind. Because it is such a time-consuming operation, it’s easier to make a large batch, serve it fresh the first time and then let it set before slicing to be fried or grilled in subsequent days.

Grilled vegetable platter with balsamic maple dressing

The bright colours of the vegetables piled high on this platter look really spectacular.

Grilled sweet potatoes

Parboiling before barbecuing cuts down the actual cooking time, making this a quick and simple vegetable dish.

Roasted red pepper chutney

The sweet smell of roasted peppers and the smoky paprika flavours are a winning combination. Team that with tomatoes and you’re onto a surefire winner.

Beetroot & walnut houmous

Beetroot and walnuts give an extra depth to houmous as well as adding additional nutrients and antioxidants. Serve with a selection of raw vegetables or warm pitta bread.

Lentil soup

Flavoured with aromatic cumin and fennel seeds, this is a delicious and healthy soup to warm up a chilly evening.

Bean salad with red onions & parsley

A simple bean salad makes a great addition to a barbecue or buffet, but is also a delicious accompaniment to serve with kebabs and other grilled meats.

Avocado salsa

This classic salsa can be served as a dip with chunky dippers, such as tortilla chips or pitta wedges, for scooping.

Stuffed vine leaves

Tender, juicy stuffed vine leaves flavoured with fresh mint, spring onions and lemon juice make a great appetiser. Serve them solo, with drinks, or with other meze, such as marinated olives.

Garlicky aubergine & tomato stacks

These pretty Mediterranean vegetable stacks make a lovely appetiser served at the table. Top each one with a fresh basil leaf, if liked.

Roast pepper salad with mint & pumpkin seeds

Roasting peppers really brings out their sweet, intense smoky flavour. This salad is great for entertaining because it can be prepared in advance, then plated just before serving.

Green goodness soup

So called as it’s packed full of green goodness.

Banana bites with nut butter & hemp

Quick and easy to make, these are an ideal dessert or a snack for adults and children alike. Vary the nuts, seeds and butters to create different flavours and textures.

Greek-style green beans

Plain green beans are given a lift with the addition of tomatoes, onions and herbs. Do not be afraid of the olive oil; it’s authentically Greek and makes the beans tender and delicious. Leftovers are good as a cold salad.

Festive quinoa salad

Quinoa is a super food — a grain native to South America that has become popular not only for its nutty flavour and crisp texture, but because it is rich in complete protein. This salad is terrific for a buffet family meal or you can bulk up the recipe and take it to a potluck supper.

Lemon & mustard cabbage

Ready in less than 5 minutes, this is a great vegetable side dish. Although it is Indian-inspired, it works well with simple meat and fish dishes from most cuisines.

Pasta salad with peppers

This combination of flavours is really delicious; this is definitely one of my favourite pasta salad recipes.

Rice salad

This Italian recipe ('insalata di riso') is a great favourite for hot-weather eating, as it is light yet satisfying and includes lots of lovely fresh vegetables that make it really tasty.

Lebanese mixed bean soup

This wonderfully filling and nourishing soup is called makhluta in Lebanese and uses just about every kind of bean available! To save time, you can use tinned beans instead of the dried, which means you can eliminate the overnight soaking step.


Homemade falafel are surprisingly easy to make and far more delicious than anything you can buy in the shops. They're delicious served with tzatziki, houmous and salad and make great food for little ones as they're highly nutritious and easy to pick up and eat.

Mango & lime salsa

Tropical mangoes and fresh lime combine to make a fresh salsa that is delicious with grilled fish and shellfish.

Broccoli with tarator sauce

Versions of tarator sauce are served all over the Middle East, sometimes as a dip, sometimes as a soup and sometimes, as here, to set off a vegetable or main dish. The common ingredient is always walnuts, although sometimes the sauce is flavoured with cucumber, tahini or even raisins. To make your tarator creamier, add a little soya yoghurt.

Tomato farinata

This northern Italian treat is not a pancake, not a frittata, not a tortilla, although it has the qualities of all three. You do have to think ahead to prepare the batter, which needs a couple of hours to rest, but once you start cooking, it is quick and simple to prepare. Try it cold, cut into squares for an unusual picnic treat. Gram flour is made from chickpeas and is available in the ethnic section of some large supermarkets, most whole-food shops and always at Asian grocery shops.

Malay laksa & tofu puffs

Deep-fried tofu puffs are popular in Southeast Asia and are good with any Asian-style stew.

Courgette fritters with tzatziki

These gluten-free fritters use both spelt and rice flours. If these are unavailable, use wholemeal, plain or even buckwheat flour – or a combination of flours.

Pepperoncini & tofu sandwiches

This is a great sandwich. It works well with leftover tofu and is good with toasted or untoasted bread. Use roast peppers if pepperoncini are unavailable.

Spring rain salad

Harusame noodles or cellophane noodles are commonly used to make delicate salads in Japan. Here they are enlivened with a spicy wasabi and pickled ginger dressing. To give this dish an authentic feel, slice the vegetables as finely as possible.

Pear & endive salad with caramelised cashews

Belgian endive has a bright, tangy flavour, which is balanced by the sweetness of the pear and the crispy, caramelised cashews in this salad. If you purchase the endive in advance, store in the fridge wrapped in paper, then in a plastic bag because it will turn green and bitter if exposed to light.

Avocado & tomato salad

The only fruit that contains more monosaturated fatty acids than the avocado is the olive. Avocados are also extremely high in potassium and are a significant source of vitamins, among which are the B-complex group, especially folic acid, which are important to those on a meat-free diet. They are also slow-burning and easy to digest. Oh yes, they are also delicious!

Whole wheat grain salad

The chewy texture of the whole wheat kernels contrasts beautifully with the soft texture of the fried onions and peppers to make a memorable salad. Serve warm or cold.

Green salad & ranch-style dressing

A simple green salad is the perfect accompaniment to most main dishes. This vegan version of the classic American dressing has a wonderful, creamy, tangy bite that shows off the texture and flavours of the salad perfectly. The dressing may be made in advance, as it keeps for up to a week in the fridge.

Tom yum soup

This fragrant vegan version of the classic Thai soup is very light but highly nutritious. The key to success lies in the balance between sweetness, spiciness and sourness, so do taste and adjust the seasoning before serving.

Black bean soup

This is a fantastic soup for a cold day when the warming flavours of the spices work their magic. Some of the soup is puréed after cooking to produce a thickly textured soup, but you can omit this step if time is short.

Aubergine dip

Known as 'baba ghanoush' in the Middle East, this is one of the mainstays of the mezze platter along with a mix of other spicy and bean-based salads. Whether or not it is made with tahini paste is debated across the region and from family to family. If you love the taste of tahini, see our variation.

Indonesian sweet black sticky rice

Throughout Asia, sweet sticky rice, often topped with a little sweetened coconut milk or coconut cream, is one of the most popular snacks. Black sticky rice turns a gorgeous purple when cooked.

Hummus with dukkah

Making your own hummus is a great money saver and you get to select organic ingredients and adjust the acidity, spices and texture to suit your tastebuds. You may not need all the dukkah, but keep it in a sealed container and use it on salads or vegetable dishes. Serve this hummus as a dip with toasted pita bread.

Savoy cabbage & kale casserole with tofu

A wonderful winter casserole, this vegan dish makes good use of cold-weather vegetables, with a delicious crumbled tofu topping.

Caramelised onion packets

Cooking food in parchment seals in the flavour. Also, the food steams in its own juices, requiring less fat than pan-cooked vegetables. If you wish to adapt this recipe for the barbeque, use heavy-duty foil in place of parchment and cook the packet on a preheated grill for about the same time as the oven-cooked version.

Chocolate hazelnut spread

A healthier homemade version of a popular chocolate nut spread. If you wish you can buy blanched nuts and roast or leave raw, depending on which flavour you prefer.

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